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Weekly Update #27, 23 Apr 2021

Author: Jason Bush

It was quite a site out at the Southmayds on Thursday, as we had McKenzie Excavating & Paving out working on the drain field with a crew of three and two excavators. L&L Foundation had 6 or 7 of his guys there bright and early prepping for the Gemini Concrete pumper and the 5 or 6 loads of back-to-back concrete, donated by Riverbend Materials. It got a little crowded, but worked out smoothly. Jayson, we started calling him “Doc” because of so many Jason’s involved in the project is pretty happy, a little less stressed, and has not had as much nerve pain, as things seem to be going well for him and his family. They are extremely excited.

Jeff, owner of Royal Flush, was just able to slip in and get the old septic tank pumped just in time on Wednesday, so that McKenzie Excavating, can go ahead and get the old one out, and hook up the new one. Marty with Superior Electric will send a crew out to wire the new pump at the appropriate time this weekend, or Monday as well.

I was able to get the TJI sub-floor framing package modified to hang below the floor as opposed to sitting on the stem wall, thus allowing for a more accessible design in the event “Doc” is ever rendered to a wheelchair. Simpson Strong-Tie was also able to modify their hardware package to include about 58 additional top-mount TJI hangars, and both were able to get them to Parr Lumber earlier this week.

Matt Kirkpatrick has been invaluable in picking up, storing, and delivering our materials, and will be making another run at 7 AM this morning, dropping off the under-floor framing package. Boyd, with Coast Fork Construction plans on getting everything organized and ready to go today and indicated he will have most of the under-floor framing done by Saturday and finishing up on Monday. 

Please try and remember to bring your company yard signs out to the site in order to continue to grow our forest of volunteers and sponsors. I would also encourage everyone to take a few pictures of their work, crew, and the site in general. Operation Second Chance will be incorporating them into our weekly updates. I am trying to get good shots of company equipment and logos as well.

I will be sending out a group email to the rest of our sub-contractors Brothers Plumbing, Superior Electric, and Pacific Northwest Air, letting them know they are clear to start the under-floor mechanical, plumbing, and LPG service sometime next week. I do not know their schedules, but figure things will work out for the best, as that luckily seems to be the pattern thus far—no matter how much I worry about it all.

A very big and heartfelt thank you to everyone. YOU are getting things done!….

Jason Bush, CBO

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