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Weekly update #28, 30 Apr 2021

Author: Jason Bush

We were able to get the new septic tank and drain field installed, hooked up temporarily to the old house, and inspected by Lane County. The old tank was pumped and decommissioned, so no more leaky sewage, and for the first permit ever issued on the subject property…., we can now say “approved and finalized.”

Boyd and his crew were able to get the under-floor framed up and it looks like we will be starting on the under-floor plumbing and LPG installations. There is not much under-floor mechanical or electrical.


I think most of the main sub-contractors will be meeting once again today at 2 to 2:30 to go over final thoughts on some of the equipment placement associated with the NFPA 13 fire suppression system, water heater, room heater, and FAU and A/C.

Nicolette Hydes, Area Sales Manager of Oregon for James Hardie products put touch with Danny Moe, Regional Account Manager for James Hardie. I was able to get him a take-off on the siding, and he graciously offered to see about the trim package as well. Thank you Nicolette and Danny!

I will be working on the roofing package and insulation next in conjunction with the doors & windows that Lee with Discount Windows is currently putting together for us. Mike Babcock, who just built an airplane hangar here in Cottage Grove had 3 extra bags of R-21 wall insulation, that he dropped into the back of my truck on Wednesday as a donation to the Southmayds Home. Thank you, Mike. It will cover almost 270 square feet of wall.

The foundation bill came in quite a bit higher than I had hoped for, and with other incidentals starting to add up, I’m growing concerned with our financial situation, so please do not hesitate to share our story with everyone you know, and do not hesitate to give my contact information out, or post the weekly updates to your social media accounts if your comfortable with that. Folks can also post the website; At top of the opening page is an “initiatives” drop-down tab; go to Southmayd Home Build.

Thanks again to everyone,

Jason Bush, CBO

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