You are currently viewing Weekly Update #45, 20 Aug 2021
Weekly Update #45, 20 Aug 2021

Author: Jason Bush

I received a very touching phone call Friday evening from Steve Milosevich, Owner of ANCO Fastener Sales. Steve donated about $1500 in nails back in April as documented in weekly update #25. We had a very special conversation, and Steve is wanting to help some more. He indicated he would give us the sheetrock screws and siding nails, and any other nails needed for the project, then sent us a $350 check! Many thanks to “Brother” Steve.

Saturday and Sunday I took a dump truck driving lesson from Wade Stevens, Owner of WA Stevens Construction, and delivered 6-loads of ¾ minus crushed rock. I will be getting more after work a couple days this week as well, and more on the upcoming weekend. Then on Monday I had an unexpected flying lesson from Mike Babcock, who is just finishing up an airplane hangar here in Cottage Grove. We thought it would be a good idea to get an aerial photo of our SHB project, but, then decided he would tour me over Autzen Stadium, the new Hayward Field, cruised over my house, then up the Marcola Valley to Brownsville, where Mike grew up. We Buzzed a couple of his high-school buddy’s farms, landing in a couple of their fields without stopping, then ended up out in Jasper on our way to the Creswell airport to pick something up, before heading back to Cottage Grove’s airport. What an amazing couple of hours in a little two-seater bush plane! I sat right behind Mike and had the rudder pedals at either side of him and the stick right in my lap. Thank you, Mike! 

The sand, rock, and gravel is being obtained at Marple Excavating as pictured below. Nathan has been very helpful with our project and has even allowed us to obtain product on Sunday when he is normally closed. Nathan has been extremely generous with his products and is saving us a lot of money. If paying for it and the trucking, we would be spending approximately $8,000, so it is a big step forward in getting the SHB project complete and on schedule. A big thanks to Nathan!

Rob Thomas, Secretary and Treasurer, of Starfire Lumber Company did indeed send the SHB project a check as indicated in last weeks’ update in the amount of $5,000. I would like them and everyone else that has graciously donated to the SHB, that we will use the funds in the most responsible and economically feasible way as possible. We thank the Starfire Team so much! 

Lastly, this week, Jack Applegate and I met the Southmayds Attorney as well as the rouge contractor responsible for this fiasco’s, legal representation at the site to evaluate the existing conditions of the non-permitted and non-licensed work. Each side also had their engineers present for a full investigation. We spent about two hours going through the house pointing out issues after issue and answering questions as prompted. I know several of the fine companies that have been engaged with the SHB project received subpoenas from the attorney representing the contractor seeking all documents they may have generated in the process of helping us. I discussed this with Jayson & Misty’s attorney, Andrew, and he assured me that it is a simple fact finding process in order to paint an accurate picture of what has transpired over the course of the last, almost three years. In the event anyone would like to speak with our attorney, please do not hesitate to contact me, and I will make arrangements to put you in touch with him  

Please continue to discuss this amazing project with friends and family, and feel free to share it with anyone you see fit. Remember that all cash donations receive a fully tax-deductible receipt that helps ward off the Regulators and Revenuers when they come-a-collecting.

Many thanks to all of you that continue to support this project, and follow the weekly updates. The entire Southmayd family and I cannot thank everyone enough.

God,    Family,   Country,    Veterans,   &   “Deeds Not Words”

Jason Bush

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