Weekly Update #12 Jan 8, 2021

Author: Jason Bush

I sent a follow up email to Starfire Lumber Company, the Swanson Group, Hammer Lumber Company, Rosboro Lumber Company, and Frank Lumber Company, all of which have graciously agreed to help as much as possible based on several internal factors, which is appreciated. I sent them the Truss Company materials list as well as the remaining framing package.

Our plans have been officially approved and returned to Lane County who immediately processed them for issuance. The total fees are $6,031.79. This included a credit of $1,459.81 which was the plan review that was performed by the Clair Company located in Corvallis. Northwest Code Professionals has paid the first $4,500, leaving a balance of $1,531.79. A much more manageable amount for us at this time. Thanks to both of these private, third party plan review and inspection agencies! The total fees needed for EPUD to get the power under Butte Road to a new transformer box that will be shared in an easement by the Southmayds and their neighbor to the South is $912. Emerald People’s Utility District has picked up the costs for the riser on pole, EPUD contractor work, transformer, primary wire, materials, labor, mobilization, and overhead for electrical work, easement, and design costs for us! A very warm thank you to Debbie Jenkins and EPUD!

I called Robb Holloway of Holloway and London’s “Wake Up Call” on KPNW’s 1120 AM station who was very excited to hear of the progress we have made since our initial airing back on September 22nd. The message I left was during their Holiday break, so he never received the message. He scheduled me for this past Thursday, yesterday, and I think it went okay. I started out like I had a background in auctioneering, so Robb thankfully and professionally reined me in a bit.
They, along with KNND 1400 AM, have been instrumental in helping us get the word out there!

We were able to obtain an engineering firm that has a great deal of experience in insurance claims that has tentatively agreed to work with Jayson and Misty’s lawyer on providing the necessary structural report of the findings of the final repairs done by the contractor. We have also found a contractor who most likely will be able to provide us with a bid of what it would cost to fully repair and resurrect the existing home. His initial assessment and gut reaction is $275,000 to possibly $320,000 in time and materials; however, he is trying to break it down into manageable specifications.

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