Weekly Update #14 Jan 22, 2021

Author: Jason Bush

I stopped by River Bend on Tuesday and checked in with Sarah and Kara on the procedures of requesting a donation on the concrete for the footings and stem walls. I completed a quick application and Kara submitted it to the board they have set up to review these types of requests. I heard back from both Sarah and Kara on Thursday and the board has already approved 40 yards of concrete. Thanks to Sarah, Kara, and the River Bend Team! I will be checking in with Dave Lyons of Knife River for the flatwork concrete

I have been in contact with Tim at Conrad Forest Products, located in North Bend, Oregon in order to check on the pressure treated plate material for the job. I heard back that they will be able to do something, but is unsure until he is able to put together a cost analysis. He should have more information by Monday.

I also contacted Farwest Steel’s Reinforcing Division and spoke to the Branch Manager, Perry Vos, who has tentatively indicated that they have a “boneyard” of materials that he thinks might have the rebar we need. It may be some coated rebar that they typically use on highways, bridges, and overpasses that is defective for those projects, but fine for ours. They also make the tie wire used to tie up rebar.

Mike Blankenship, owner of the Blankenship Corporation is diligently working on our exterior siding, Tyvek, and sticky flashing. Mike has been involved on some huge apartment building residing projects recently, and has been buying truckloads of lap siding directly from the supplier. Thank you, Mike!

Ewing Jenks of Blue Star Gas has taken it upon himself to obtain a Rinnai RU199IP instantaneous gas water heater from the manufacturer, and his Division Manager, Mike Hurst informed me on January 13th that Blue Star Gas will donate a tank, the line set to the home, and 100 gallons of LPG. He also offered up LPG consulting services. Thanks to the team at Blue Star Gas!

Marc Pratt, Sales Manager for Eagle Plywood Specialties, has confirmed a donation of 125 Sheets of 5 ply ½” plywood that is needed for the exterior walls. Marc will need a two-week advanced notice, as they are filling orders on a daily basis. Another big thanks to Eagle Plywood Specialties! I will be contacting a couple other plywood mills ASAP to try and secure the remaining 225 Sheets of plywood for the roof.

Gemini Concrete Pumping owner Adam Achepohl has discussed the project with me and has assured us that he will give us a very special price, but it is hard to determine a bare cost at this time, so we will just have to wait and see. A big thank you to him and Gemini!

Jared Pratt of Masco Masons Supply Company has given us a bid on some of the supplies that our concrete foundation team, L and L Foundations will need. Shad Lowman, the Owner, and Shelly, his Office Manager have been instrumental in helping me with the products and services they will need to do our foundation. Jared informed me that the steel industry is experiencing the same price jump as the lumber industry, and doubted that they could help with the rebar, which is why I decided to move up the ladder and contact Farwest Steel. They are running the anchor bolts, rebar chairs, and a box of duplex nails up their chain of command to see about donating them.

As I was approaching a project to inform them that they will need permits for the work they were conducting, I ran into a salesman also approaching the project. Come to find out, it was the Sherwin Williams paint Store Manager, Erik Clawson. They have opened a new store at 3306 Gateway Street in Springfield. We discussed the Southmayd project, and he subsequently sent me an application to complete and indicated that he will see what they can do to help. I also contacted High Cascade Painting and Construction, who called me a few months ago to indicate they are on-board for interior & exterior painting. I’m relying on them to help with the amounts of paint needed. Thanks to the High Cascade Painting Team!

JBE Engineering’s Robert Johnson is tentatively scheduled to visit the site next week to start the evaluation of the structural issues associated with the existing home.

I am still waiting on HD Fowler to see if they will be able to supply the drain field supplies, as that is still one of our highest priority’s right now. I’m still hoping that McKenzie Excavating and Paving will be able to schedule the tank and drain field installation within their existing work schedules.

Hopefully, I did not forget something, or fail to recognize everyone, as this would not be happening without you!

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