Weekly Update #16 Feb 5, 2021

Author: Jason Bush

It was noticed I didn’t get the date changed on last week’s update. As stated in earlier updates Operation Second Chance will be helping, and I just confirmed with them that their approaching the end stages of the web-site. If you haven’t already checked it out, it is pretty impressive site with lots of information on how they help so many veterans in special ways.

Heidi Edris, of Knife River called me back after I left a message earlier this week, and she patiently listened as I explained our situation, and she graciously forwarded their Charitable Donation Request Form to complete. This donation request is for the concrete flatwork. I have yet to hear back confirmation on a few companies, and will try to follow up with them Friday.

I met Miles Gorman of Cascade Nut & Bolt, just outside the Cascade Home Center on Tuesday as I was inspecting an adjacent structure. He is going to check into the typical anchor bolts we will need for the foundation.

Jayson and Misty, and I received an email from Brett Reckamp, Co-Anchor of Portland’s Morning News, FM News 101 KXL, Alpha Media USA. As you recall he interviewed the Southmayds on Thursday, the 21st. He sent us a link to the recorded interview, and he is really going out of his way get the word out there in the Portland Metro area!

Brett Reckamp Wrote on Wednesday, February 3rd:

Greetings Jayson, Misti, John and everyone – it’s Brett Reckamp here at KXL in Portland.  I went ahead and included anyone I thought might have had a little something to do with this connection.

I did connect with Jayson and Misti and got a great interview.  I’m using it in a number of different ways including the long form version in my weekend show – some shorter news stories for this afternoon and about a 3 1/2-minute piece in my morning news show tomorrow at 6:49 and 8:49. I also wrote a web story on my station website and tweeted it out on my Twitter and KXL’s.

I plan on grabbing some MP3 sound after things air and sending them back and will also send out another email on Friday with a link to my show and some live air times for this weekend.

Also, on this list is one of my great KXL listeners Q Madp who is already working to try and create more exposure on this.  Q is another vet who does amazing things for veterans all the time.

Shout out to my old pals Jim from Progressive and Luke from Lakeside as well.  I’ll be writing again Friday – and for those living here in Portland – be listening this afternoon between 4:00 – 7:00 for some short stories and tomorrow morning at 6:48 & 8:48 for a longer one.  That’s KXL – FM News 101.1 – Thanks!  Brett
Brett can be reached at: brett.reckamp@alphamediausa.com and the Interview can be found here:


More Brett and KXL 101 FM from today’s (Friday) show(s)! Thank you so much Brett!

Starting a fresh email for this to make it easy.  Here is everything, gang.  Thanks again to all and best of luck to everyone with this project.

Attached are 3 pieces of MP3 sound – 2 shorter news stories and 1 longer from KXL this week.  Below is a link to listen now to our long-form interview on my weekend show – along with LIVE air times it will play this weekend on all 7 of our Portland Alpha Media radio stations.  I also tweeted it out on Twitter and re-tweeted from our @KXLNews account.

You’re all an inspiration!  Let’s hope this ends with a “Happily ever after” when this project is completed.  Thanks again for all of your service to our country and sacrifice – you deserve the thanks.  I do hope my efforts help to shine a little light.


LIVE air times for Beyond the Headlines:
KXL (FM NEWS 101.1) – Sunday – 7:30 AM 
KBFF (FM LIVE 95.5) – Sunday 5:00 AM 
KXTG (AM 750 THE GAME) – Saturday – 6:00 AM
KINK – (FM 101.9) Sunday 5:30 AM 
KUFO – (AM FREEDOM 970) Sunday 6:30 AM 
KUPL – (FM 98.7 THE BULL) Sunday 5:00 AM
KWEE – (FM 102.9 WE Hip Hop PDX) Sunday 5:00 AM


Brett Reckamp
Co-Anchor | Portland’s Morning News M-F 5:00-9:00
FM News 101 KXL | Alpha Media USA
1211 SW 5th Ave, Ste 600 | Portland, OR 97204
Newsroom   503-517-6280 | Cell  503-278-2557
Twitter @brettreckamp

A big thanks to Brett for all his time, energy, and expertise in getting the word out there!

All you wonderful companies that have or will be donating materials, labor, time & energy, or money that have business logo’s, PLEASE SEND them to me, hopefully a “vector” image, so that I can get them on our new professional website. It should go live anytime!

Lastly, I am picking up our approved plans from Lane County today!

Yours in Building Safety, “and” Guarding Our Veterans!

Jason Bush, CBO
Building Official
541) 952-1456

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