Weekly Update #18 Feb 19, 2021

Author: Jason Bush, CBO, Building Official

We are now live with the official announcement of the website that Operation Second Chance www.operationsecondchance.org has built for us. Please click on the “initiatives” dropdown menu on the far left upper corner, then select “Southmayd Home Build”.

The donation page is now live, and all donations to the project will come with a Non-profit donation statement that you or your accountant will be able to use for IRS tax purposes.

We are also in the process of designing a business card type informational handout that worked well when we were still using the “Go Fund Me” account. This one may be closer to a 3”x5” folding information card, and will reflect OSC as well. These allow us to get the information to folks at a spur of the moment such as; I may share with the gas station attendant, the grocery store clerk, or I may send the traveling salesperson packing with one, after I stole his thunder.

Rick Dancer did another podcast for us this past Wednesday, sponsored by Priority One Heating & Cooling, during his typical 5:00 PM show; “Get Real with Rick Dancer,” which of course featured one of our first sponsors, the proactive, Priority One Heating & Cooling! “Proactive,” as they went to the trouble of reaching out to me to donate! The podcast can be found here: https://fb.watch/3HPQlyWsPz/. I think the City of Creswell has posted it on their webpage, and OSC will have them linked to their/our site as well. The next one we are excited about planning is for Parr Lumber located in Springfield, as they have been instrumental in the overall logistics of our donated supplies and materials. I want to apologize to them, as I think I missed that fact in the Get Real with Rick Dancer podcast Wednesday. I know there are others, which is why I need to….

Put together a more specific list of materials and donors already secured, VS what is still needed for phase II; Phase I as you may recall, is the new septic tank and drain field system. We are somewhat in a holding pattern in that regards as well, as we need some good weather to install it, and it is still undeterminable as to which phase will actually go first; One based on weather, and the other, a framing contractor big enough to take it from the foundation contractor, to a dried-in state. Once it is in a dried in state, I should be able to oversee the project once again.

Focusing on double checking our materials that have been donated and shipped to the Parr Lumber yard in Springfield, as well as what is not, is another priority right now. We have most all the materials and supplies needed by the foundation contractor. I am still waiting to hear back from Knife River on the flatwork concrete. We have all of the lumber products for the house to include all the roof truss materials as previously stated. The wall and roofing plywood have been secured from the Swanson Group and Eagle Plywood Specialties. A big thanks to them!

I just received word from the Cottage Grove/Creswell Cascade Home Center that they have the rebar chairs, 6 mil black poly moisture barrier, and a 50# box of 3” duplex nails. The remaining phase II materials needed or to be verified are;

  • Foundation vents;
  • Siding, building wrap, and sticky flashing;
  • Interior/exterior doors and windows; and,
  • Roof covering package.

I received word from one of the two larger construction companies, and they are simply swamped and have to many irons-in-fires at this time. I will await the second one, then may need to reach deeper into the construction community, because at this time, a framing crew is our biggest obstacle to getting this project off the ground. Moreover, this simply does not fall within my skill set, experience, or competency levels; and, As Josey Whales said in the “Outlaw Josey Whales” — “A man’s got to know his limitations.”

Please get me invoices and logo’s as soon as possible…..

Yours in Building Safety, “and” Guarding Our Veterans,

Author: Jason Bush, CBO
Building Official


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