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Weekly update #20, 5 Mar 2021

Author: Jason Bush

The International Code Council’s (ICC) Building Safety Journal story came out in their weekly on-line publication on Thursday. “Oregon building official leads rescue for veteran and his family following faulty home repairs.” As I started to read the story, many emotions flooded my overwhelmed senses and I had to put it down for a period, but the story is very nicely written, and we are very grateful to have the ICC team helping us get the word out there. Jack Applegate reposted the story on his linked-in account and had almost 500 views in what, less than 24 hours.

This publication goes out to approximately 110,000 building industry colleague’s, and will also be pushed on several social media platforms according to their Managing Editor, Tara Lukasik. In further discussions this morning with Madison Neal, Director of Communications, she is providing the ICC logo for our website and she also stated that they would be happy to publish an update in 6 months or so. Thank you ICC! The story can be found here:

The Go Fund Me account will be shut down very soon, and all the funds transferred into the Operation Second Chance fund. They will administer them for us, to include issuing checks for materials, supplies and labor as needed. We are hoping to accomplish this on Monday.

We are making some progress on tracking down a contractor that can hopefully give us a reasonable bid to get the home framed up. Once dried in, I will again assume a bigger role in finishing it up. It would be so nice to be in a position to get them moved in by late summer. In researching my options, I went back through the many hundreds of business cards collected over the years and came up with some great resources. Dan Cooper of DC Fine Homes does not retain his own framing crew, but does have interior finishers on staff. He is checking into the possibility of helping out with interior trim, door installations, and other finish work, and I can attest that Dan does FINE work. Thank you Dan!

I approached Jerry’s for some roofing materials, and again, due to the recent fires, their donation accounts are almost depleted, BUT, did unexpectedly give Misty and Jayson a $1750 gift card! So, I will take that down to Lowes and Home Depot to see if they could possibly match it which might be enough to provide floor coverings and other interior materials. A big thank you to the Jerry’s team!

Yours in Building Safety, “and” Guarding Our Veterans,

Jason Bush, CBO
Building Official

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