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Weekly Update #25, 9 Apr 2021

Author: Jason Bush

We wanted to specify that on any invoices we should have the dollar amount on it, but zeroed out as an “in-kind” donation. If it is a discount or combination of labor & materials, simply break it down to clearly show what is billed, and what is donated, so that you receive accurate tax credit deductions.

The persistence has indeed paid off! I am extremely pleased and excited to announce that we have Boyd Rinck and Coast Fork Construction on board to frame up the Southmayd house. Boyd indicated he could start pretty much right away, in fact, he met with Shad of L&L Foundations, Rich of Brother’s Plumbing, Marty with Superior Electric, Ken with McKenzie Excavation, Kevin of R&H Contractors, Chris Smith of Dorman Construction, the Southmayd family, and myself at the site on Wednesday to coordinate and discuss the elevations of the top of foundation in conjunction with the septic tank, sewer connection, and ADA aspects of the home. The meeting went off like a bunch of old hunting partners that haven’t seen each other in a year or two; lots of backslapping, handshaking, but all business. We have a very good team of experienced contractors, who are all excited to help this family get set up the right way! Thanks to you all.

Shad is staking out the foundation today, I am having Parr deliver foundation materials on Monday, and the whole L&L crew will be starting the foundation on Monday. It may take the biggest part of two weeks to include inspections, the pour, and a week to cure. Boyd is ready and will start right away. Ken and the McKenzie Excavation crew may start on the septic tank and drain field this week or next, and it should take about 2-3 days to finish it up. Things are coming together.

I stopped off at ANCO Fasteners in Eugene on Thursday to see about getting Boyd the 14 boxes of nails for his guns, and to my surprise, the owner darn near had my truck bed full before I learned his name. I received about $1,500 worth of various nails for $383.50. A big thanks to Steve Milosevich and his crew. He did say he would bill Boyd’s account, if I forget to square up with him!

I discussed our project with Karl Mueller of Home Insulation on Wednesday to start the process of obtaining insulation. I have also been playing phone tag with Lee Brohel, Vice President of Discount Windows, and will get back with him next week. Lastly, I will now be able to concentrate on obtaining roofing materials, plumbing fixtures, sheetrock and a crew, and many other interior finish materials. Mike Blankenship, Owner of Blankenship Corporation, is continuing to work on the siding, Tyvek, and flashing materials. Were in good shape

Yours in Building Safety, “and” Guarding Our Veterans,

Jason Bush, CBO

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