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Weekly Update #26, 16 Apr 2021

Author: Jason Bush

Looks like I again forgot to change the date (should have been April 9th), however nobody mentioned it, so, I hope folks are still reading through our updates.

I was able to contact Weyerhaeuser Truss Joist and Simpson Strong-Tie in order to have a slight adjustment to our TJI shop plans. They were designed to sit on top of the foundation, but our team decided it would be better to hang them off the foundation. So, Weyerhaeuser has re-designed and is ready to send to Parr next week, and David Gilroy of Simpson is working on 56 TJI hangars to support the new floor design. 

Shad and L&L Foundations has completed the foundation set up, which looks very good, as do all his setups! We have a footing and foundation inspection scheduled through Lane County today. It is an early afternoon inspection that I am trying to be there for. I have the compaction report, prepared by Geomax that states our engineered fill is ready to build on for the county inspector; plans are on the job-site, and the site is posted with our permit.

Please try and remember to bring your company yard signs out to the site in order to continue to grow our forest of volunteers and sponsors.

I was finally able to get to speak with Scott of Bucks Sanitary Services, who had a toilet delivered yesterday, so that our crews will have a place to “freshen up” a bit and continue to look good on our construction site. I want to thank Scott and his team for expediting this very important job-site logistic.

We are also excited to bring Andrew Dubbs, Owner of Pacific Northwest Air, who has been diligently checking in with me to see where he could help. After verifying with Brothers Plumbing and Blue Star Gas, we determined, that we had not discussed the installation of our LPG gas system under the house to each appliance. A separate license is required for Liquid Propane Gas, which Andrew has, so we now have that covered and planned out. Brothers could have done it, but again, I’m trying to spread things out so nobody is over extended. Thank you Andrew!

Yours in Building Safety, “and” Guarding Our Veterans,

Jason Bush, CBO

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