Weekly update #29, 7 May 2021

We continue to work on the under-floor plumbing and mechanical, should be finished up by Monday, and have scheduled our under-floor inspections through John Webster, Plans Examiner for Lane County.

John was also very helpful in assisting us in getting our NFPA 13 D automatic fire suppression system submitted for review and approval. Steve McGuire, Lane County’s Building Department Manager allowed us to go through Northwest Code Professionals for the fire and life safety review of the system, thus saving us the cost of the plan review and greatly expediting the review and approval process. My son, Jason E. Bush worked closely with Jon Portz, Vice President and owner of Harvey & Price in order to find a way for them to donate and install the fire suppression system, which is valued at about $12,500. A big thanks to Jon and Jason! 

Our veteran, Jayson and his family experienced a severe fire back about 17 years ago when their landlord performed some electrical work on the property. He was not yet complete, so left the electrical system in an unfinished status, intending to finish up the next day; however, a fire broke out in the middle of the night, and Jayson was barely able to get his family to safety. This was related to my son and I as we were just beginning the process of planning out this project with the Southmayd family, which spurred his decision to see about a fire suppression system installation.

I stopped by Marshall’s who does HVAC, insulation, and stoves & fireplace inserts to see about obtaining some insulation for our project. They are only allotted a certain amount due to industry shortages and are back-logged about 4 months and are not able to help there. However, Lisa Bruckner, CEO was able to put aside enough “regrind” insulation for our, which is great for attic blow-in installations. 

Lee Brohel, Vice President and Co-Founder of Discount Windows is still working on what they may be able to do to help us out, and I am very excited to see what they may be able to do for our veteran and his family.

As stated in last week’s update, I will continue on with the donations for the siding, building wrap, flashing, trim, and roofing materials, in order to ensure that we get this project dried-in and weatherized properly. Currently, I’m in discussions on this with some of the manufacturer’s and it is looking very positive at this time. Hopefully, by next week’s update, I can reveal some of these manufacturer’s and their wonderful staff.

Thanks everyone,

Jason Bush, CBO

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