Weekly Update #3 Oct 16, 2020

Author: Jason Bush

We received the completed plans on Thursday and have a commercial superintendent, Bob Buss, of Bridgeway Contracting doing material take-offs. Rivers Edge Engineering is preparing the engineering for the structure. The Wounded Warriors were unable to help due to restrictions associated with repairs and alterations VS new construction, so that was a bit disappointing. We have had two lawyers approach us with offers to help and they are discussing the options with the Southmayds. I now have a commitment from Kevin, with R & H Excavating who will be scarfing the project site, laying down a gravel pad, and compacting it, which I think will start in the next week to 10 days.
I spoke with David Flemings, General Manager of the Clair Company, in regards to the opportunity to use the old structure as a statewide training opportunity, and as we discussed some of the possibilities, he offered to perform the plan review for the County Free of Charge. This should help expedite the project. I have also received some insightful and encouraging news from the Lane County Planning Department indicating that our level or review is low without a lot of requirements.
Lastly, we have an appointment with The Creswell Chronicle today to do an article. So, we plan on meeting at the site for an interview. The Cottage Grove Sentinel article was pushed back until the 22nd due to the election coverage.

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