You are currently viewing Weekly Update #30, 14 May 2021
Weekly Update #30, 14 May 2021

Author: Jason Bush

We have passed all our under-floor
inspections, so looks like Boyd and his crew will be decking next Tuesday or Wednesday. Dan Heidt, owner of Home Insulation has donated the underfloor insulation and will hopefully be able to install it just before decking it, but indicated they can crawl it as well. A big Thanks to Dan and his wife Tammy!
Marshall’s has agreed to hold enough re-grind bags of insulation to cover the attic area, so we are down to only needing the wall insulation. There are a few
redhead bolts that need retrofitting due to plate breaks. I’m hoping we can start the framing late next week.

I also learned that Andrew with Operation Second Chance has obtained all the windows
for our project through Window World, Window World is America’s largest replacement window and exterior remodeling company, headquartered back east, but has franchises nation wide. A big thanks to them. Jason E. Bush with Harvey & Price was able to pick up the approved plans for the fire suppression system, so that it will be ready to install when we get to the framing stage. It will be critical to coordinate the installation in conjunction with the HVAC grilles, recessed lights, and other ceiling penetrations and surface mounted accessories so that
the reflected ceiling is aesthetically pleasing.

I met Pat Slapper, Tyvek Specialist, after lunch on Thursday. Pat works for Orepac who is a licensed Tyvek dealer,
and they are able to give us a 50% discount on our building wrap. Pat also gave me a box of the poly cap staples that are required, along with a hand-held staple gun for ease of installation. I will coordinate the purchase and delivery through Parr Lumber in Springfield.

I have calls and emails into three
different roofing supply companies, but have not heard back yet, and am also working on the siding and trim, wall insulation, and will be finalizing the
doors and windows between Window World and Discount Windows.

Thanks everyone,

Jason Bush, CBO

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