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Weekly Update #31, 21 May 2021

Author: Jason Bush

There was a small delay with getting the sub-flooring down, and it now looks like Boyd and his crew will start it on Friday, May 28. He indicated that they will also install the windows as part of their framing bid, which was a question posed by Window World as they were prepared to do the installation as well.

I received a window take-off from Lee Brohel, at Discount Windows, so I will be double checking his take-off with the plans this weekend as requested, and then will run it by Boyd for his validation. Lee is going to see if they can help us with some of the doors.

I have contacted three different roofing supply houses, sent emails describing our situation and what materials we are in need of, but have yet to hear back from them. In the interim, Steve Schluckebier, Owner of McKenzie Roofing who has been on board our project team from the beginning, just informed me that he thinks Roofline may be in a position to supply all the roofing materials. He is double checking with them this morning.

Jack Applegate has been busy attending some various ICC Chapters in order to update and share with them recent developments associated with their organization, and always takes an opportunity to brief them on our story. Jack received donation commitments from both, our own Southern Oregon Chapter of ICC (SOCICC) as well as the Wyoming Conference of Building Officials (WCBO).

To date we only have the three contractor’s signs shown here in front of the old house that will be demolished next year. If anyone would like their company signs on the job-site, please drop by and install it (82350 Butte Road) or get it to me and I will place it for you. Lastly, we received our first big invoice that needs to be paid for the foundation work done by L&L Foundations. The total was $11,115.60 and we want to thank Shad and his team for the great work!

Thanks everyone and please continue to spread the word. Add to your social media is desired.

Jason Bush



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