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Milo, the happy-go-lucky, GuardDogg, supervising the delivery of job-site materials from Parr Lumber Company this morning.
Weekly Update #32, 28 May 2021

Author: Jason Bush

Coast Fork Construction, “straight Outa Cottage Grove,” will be on site today gluing and nailing down the Weyerhaeuser’s 7/8″ Edge Gold sub-flooring. Parr Lumber will also be there first thing this morning dropping off most of the remaining framing lumber. Boyd and his crew will be back on the site next Wednesday to start the framing of the house.

Now that there will soon be a lot to look at, I want to extend an open invitation to anyone who would enjoy going out to the site and taking a look around. Simply give me a call and I will arrange it. This includes “anyone” who is interested and following our story, especially those not directly involved, and are simply interested in home construction and building code application.

Misty & Mikiah, Jayson’s wife & daughter, designed a business card that identifies our project, specifies our website, and provides my contact information. I have been handing them out right and left to folks who show signs of interest as I interact with them in my day-to-day activities. In fact, I went on an inspection on Holly Street earlier this week, and as I briefly related the Southmayd story, “she” became very interested and indicated she works closely with some folks in the media and will pass this over to them….? Little did I know.. .. Thus, I’m fairly certain that “Kendall,” unofficially introduced below, is a direct result of the “she” that lives on Holly Street.

So, I again called on “She” first this morning, and..

I just now spoke to “she,” and her name is Amy Saling, Senior Account Executive for KMTR, our local NBC News affiliate! Amy is very excited about our project, has requested to be added to our weekly update, and will continue to help us with this very important project. A huge thank you to Amy!

Intuition can sometimes lead us to amazing places, because as I was finishing my inspection of Amy’s new HVAC system, I was let out the back door with the understanding that if I did not come back up to the front door, all was good with the inspection. . . . And it was. Her installation was done well, I thought, as I headed for my truck. Then my gut spoke up and said, “you better see if she is interested in our Southmayd Home Rebuild?” “Naw, I said to myself, I’ll discuss it at my next inspection”…. Then I questioned myself and decided to give her one of our project cards anyway, and, well, now we all know the rest of this ironic story within our story!

Kendall will be meeting the Southmayd family and myself next Wednesday to interview us and take some pictures of our project. A very big thank you to Amy, Kendall, and KMTR!

In discussing the windows with Mark Bumgarner, Vice-President; Franchise Relations and Engagement; Window World, Inc., he indicated that they have a Public Relations division that he would like to connect us with to see about some additional exposure towards our project. He was also able to throw in a beautiful front entrance door, ($2,500) and rear sliding glass door. Mark is out of their Main Office in North Wilkesboro, North Carolina, and he has put me in contact with John Rouse, President of Window World of Portland. John and I had a great conversation as well, and he will be putting our products together for shipment to the site once we get the order fine-tuned. There are several other folks from Window World that have been introduced to me, however, we have yet to discuss particulars. What a wonderful group of people at Window World that are on board to help.

Steve Schluckebier, Owner of McKenzie Roofing, was able to secure most, if not all of the roofing materials which is estimated at about $8,000. There may be some incidentals, but we have both Parr Lumber and Square Deal Lumber helping out with incidentals at their costs, so that is also tremendous help. Nice work Steve! I will be sure to thank and acknowledge the roofing supply companies, when I find out exactly who they are.

Again, I have added a few folks, blind copied, as always, based on assumptions, and please, if you find yourself on the list and would prefer to be removed, contact me ASAP; no worries. We are up to over 160 folks receiving the weekly update now, not counting the folks who read it on the City of Cottage Grove’s website or Operation Second Chance’s website.

Thanks again to everyone,
Jason Bush, CBO

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