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Weekly Update #40, 16 July 2021

Author: Jason Bush

Coast Fork Construction will be finishing up the framing this Saturday. I will be out there most the day organizing, painting cabinets on the sub-floor, evaluating our job-site materials, and what is needed to button up the exterior.  The windows will be in August 11 and 12th, and Boyd indicated they would come back out and set them for us. I will be having a check cut for Coast Fork Construction, so that they get paid in full. They did an excellent job, and we thank Boyd and his crew tremendously!!

Dan Wilson will be coming out Monday to dig the trench so that we can install the power to the house. This will entail an inspection by EPUD.

We will be calling Lane County for an inspection of our exterior shear-wall on Monday, which will allow Travis Prine and Northwest Siding to come in and get started on installing the  siding. I still need to get the Vycor sticky flashing and caulk for the siding install.

Jayson & Misty, and I met with Marty of Superior Electric in order to ensure we get can lights, switches, and other options the way they would like. It is very important for my son Jason E. Bush, of Harvey & Price to coordinate the reflected ceiling penetrations of the various trades so that the installations are aesthetically pleasing. Marty indicated that they may be able to follow Dan late PM Monday and install the power, but may end up doing it Tuesday or Wednesday.

McKenzie Roofing indicated they will dry it in this weekend with the Tiger Paw underlayment. Once all trades have secured their roof penetrations, McKenzie will come back and install the roofing material.

Brothers Plumbing is scheduled for the week of the 26th, but are working hard to get in next week. Once Brothers is done or getting close, Priority One Heating and Cooling will come in on their backside. Then the plan is to have Harvey and Price and superior electric come in together as much as possible to finish up their part

If there is something I missed, did not account for, or got out of order please do not hesitate to correct me.

Thanks everyone. Below are a couple pictures of the current status.

Jason Bush

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