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Weekly Update #42, 30 July 2021

Author: Jason Bush

Dan Heidt, of Home Insulation Company informed me that they were able to get the under-floor insulation installed, and took the time to do a take-off of the remaining insulation needed for the walls and vaults. That was timely and big help to me as I had just completed a donation form to Owens Corning and needed that information. It’s a required inspection, but we can do it anytime.

Michael Hurst, of Blue Star Gas sent a crew of three men out to deliver our LPG tank, and I still had the power trench open, so we had to get creative and boom it over the neighbor’s fence, but we got it installed, and the LPG line set to the home. Andrew Dubbs, of Pacific Northwest Air indicated this week that he will drop in and run the lines to the three LPG appliances.

Travis Prine, of Northwest Siding called me up and indicated he would do a take off of all the exterior materials needed to provide a complete weatherized exterior, and said his good friend has a siding company and thinks they may be able to get their crews to volunteer their time, which could be a huge savings. I checked in with James at Square Deal and he indicated that James Hardie, like a lot of manufacturers, is having a hard time keeping up with orders. Our package should be in by August 27th, which gives me time to secure the additional materials per Travis.

Jason E. Bush, my son, who is a Project Engineer in Harvey & Prices’ Fire Detection & Suppression Division is mobilizing his volunteer crew on Saturday to install a complete National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 13 D fire suppression system. This system should go a long way in easing worries of fire, as the Southmayds barely escaped a home fire 19 years ago. I plan on being out there this weekend to ride roughshod on my grandsons who will be “Helping” me help their dad. I’m thinking that Mark Milligan will be mobilizing his crew sometime next week, so will be calling in some rough inspections through the County soon.

Misty, and my son set up another Go Fund Me account as I am thinking of doing some updates, hopefully on the Holloway and London’s “Wake Up Call,” the Building Safety Journal, and if it works out, KMTR. When KMTR came out the first time we had yet to frame up any walls. Damien Sherwood, of the Cottage Grove Sentinel came out Last Monday and spent some time with the Southmayds and me as we gave him an update, and he was able to hold the story back until the new Go Fund Me got established. If you go to the main Go Fund Me platform, it should be easy to find the Southmayd Home Build.

Nolan Booher, owner of Bridgewater Contracting, LLC met me at the Southmayds home first thing this morning and is back-filling our power trench and LPG line to the house, which will allow us more maneuverability at the site.  Hopefully, when we secure some soil and gravel for the west and south sides of the house, we can then follow up with the rough grading so that we can start preparing the sidewalk and slab in the garage.

I want to thank everyone again for their amazing work on this project. It has indeed been a most pleasurable life changing endeavor, and it simply would not have happened without the support of the communities, companies, and individuals that have so readily joined our cause. Thank you all!

Jason Bush

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