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Weekly Update #44, 13 Aug 2021

Author: Jason Bush

I had an unsolicited email from Rob Thomas, of Starfire Lumber Company on Monday wanting to donate some cash to the SHB project. A very pleasant surprise as we are in short supply of actual cash for our project, which has complicated things a little. Not only are many products several weeks or months out, but some are just not available. Starfire has already donated many thousands of dollars in lumber for our project, and we thank them so much for their continuous support. I’m hoping some of the other saw mills I have contacted since getting the home framed up will be in a position to help out with cash donations.  It certainly does not have to be a lot. I do know that it is more difficult to ask for money…. Previously, I have been successful trying to secure material’s ahead of time, but it is getting more difficult to continue on in this fashion, and still be in a position to get them in the new house prior to winter.

Nolan Booher has said he will bring his dump trailer out to the site and leave it for us, so we can start cleaning up and separating out the recyclable wood and other construction debris from the garbage. He indicated that he would take it from there. Nolan has been a big help and relief and we thank him very much. I stopped by on the way home add started filling it up.

Target was a sponsor of an International Code Council’s Annual Business Meeting several years ago that I attended, so I called their headquarters to see if they were interested in becoming a sponsor for SHB. They instructed me that each individual store is usually in a position to help out on the local levels, so I stopped in at the Target store on West 11th Avenue and spoke with Enriquetta, the store’s Executive Team Leader Service and Engagement. She was very helpful, excited, and inspiring as to their intention to help us out. She gave me her business card as well as Olivia Stankey, Executive Team Leader Human Resources. It was requested I write out a request and send it in to them. I will be stopping in to discuss what they may be able to do for us early next week.

I have product donation request in to Owen’s Corning for wall and vaulted ceiling insulation, but have not heard back from them yet. Peter, Sales Manager at Emerald Door & Glass has confirmed that they are building us the last four exterior doors which include the therapy room, bathroom, and two for the garage. A big thanks to Peter and Emerald Door & Glass. Ambassador Fireplaces emailed me that they will be installing the bedroom gas fireplace on the 23rd.

Alek’s Gabrio, owner of River’s Edge Engineering, and his brother-in-law Zac Schmidt, hauled four loads of mixed sand and gravel to the SHB site on Monday for us using his five-yard dump truck. Originally Nathan Marple, was intending to give us gravel at a reduced rate, but is going to try and give it all to us if we truck it ourselves. So, between me learning how to drive Wade Stevens, owner of WA Stevens Construction’s new five-yard dump truck, and Alek’s helping out periodically, I think we will get the exterior porches and garage brought up to grade and prepared for concrete. Nolan Booher came out Thursday and placed the rock where needed, and appears to have run a plate compacter over it. In conjunction with placing and compacting the rock we will need probably 20-30 loads of soil spread out along the west side to help contain the rock at the built-up porches. Cottage Grove & Creswell have several big apartment housing developments going in soon, so have been discussing the soil options with them. Brian Way, Owner of Brian Way Excavation has already dumped a load of soil off today.

In general, things are moving along fairly well.  The push now is to try and get the insulation going even if we end up having to pay for it. We will be calling Lane County in to inspect our rough framing, plumbing, electrical, and fire suppression system’s sometime next week—when I learn how to do it myself. I have a call in to Josh Lowes to see if they can provide any relief on the insulation and am still waiting to hear back from USG regarding the sheet rock. They have confirmed they would like to help, but the manager was out on vacation and I’m not sure if they will be able to donate it all, or a portion.

I hope everyone has a safe, enjoyable and FREE weekend.

Jason Bush

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