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Weekly Update #47, 3 Sep 2021

Author: Jason Bush

September already, and it’s cool in the early mornings. I think my original goal of getting the Southmayd family into their new home by late September will continue to be pushed back as we progress into the fall. The important part is that we will have it dried-in and weatherized. Our siding package was supposed to be here on the 27th of August, but now is looking like it will be in around the second week in September. Travis Prine of Northwest Siding Contractors of Eugene has us on their schedule for the 21st. It should take a week to 10 days to complete the siding.

I met Dale Wagoner, Owner & CEO of Insul8 at the SHB site on Wednesday, and he has graciously agreed to supply whatever Donnie at Knez is not able to provide as far as the walls and vault insulation goes, so I think we have the insulation issues solved. I will continue to work on the sheetrock, and a few siding installation accessories that are needed. Thank you, Dale and Donnie!

Eric Bordeaux, Project Manager for Twin Rivers Plumbing, did indeed get us the 200 feet of 3” PVC pipe for the underground rain drains, complete with a box of fittings. I plan on installing the system next week after work.

Priority One Heating and Airconditioning, has finished up the rough-in mechanical this week, so I will be ensuring we have our framing and rough mechanical inspections called in as well as the LPG gas line and pressure test. We can then cut Dale loose on the insulation. We have passed our rough plumbing electrical, and NFPA 13D automatic fire suppression system.

Chris Smith, Project Manager for Dorman Construction, has continued to work behind the scenes for us. He has Glenn Hastings, of Hastings Wood Design on board and he specializes in cabinets. Glenn came out yesterday and spent an hour with Jayson, Misty and I, asking lots of questions on how Misty would like her cabinets set-up and designed. It was very gratifying to see the excitement in Misty’s eye’s as she realized and envisioned her new kitchen! Glenn has also reached out to one of his contacts who does counters, and the rumor has it that he may be able to provide the counters for us. More on this next week when I learn more.

Brian Way, Owner of Way to go Construction just called me and they will be delivering some soil fill today, starting where he left his last load on the North side, and then doubling them up along the West side to contain the ¾” minus I have been hauling. To date I have made hauled 23 loads and Aleks & Zac have hauled another 4 loads for a total of 135 yards, thanks to Nathan Marple!

I will be meeting Jim Beck, Owner of the Stove Doctor, at the SHB site at 10 this morning. The Southmayds have an existing wood stove they would like re-installed in the new home, and Jim has agreed to perform this work for us. We thank Jim for all his hard work, as he has done work at my house as well and always does it right the first time.

Roofline delivered our roofing materials on Wednesday. Lincoln Rogers, Logistics Specialist II & Crane Operator, carefully lifted our roofing materials up to where helpers DJ and Ray laid it all out on the ridges for McKenzie Roofing to start the installation soon. We thank Roofline very much for donating the biggest part of our roofing materials, as well as Steve, Owner of McKenzie Roofing for his installation help & organizing the roofing material donations for us.

Jason Bush

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