Weekly Update #52, 1 Oct 2021

Author: Jason Bush

There really is not a lot to report this week. I am still trying to get the wall & vault insulation installed. There are still some minor adjustments that need to be done, but we do have all our Lane County inspections approved up through the rough-in stage. I will get them out for the insulation inspection as soon as we get it installed. I messed up on the front door swing, but we have determined it actually is better the way I ordered it; however, that means a little adjustment with the adjacent lighting switches, so need the electricians to fix that aspect for me.

Knez has our sheetrock in their warehouse, and Donnie is helping me coordinate with Hamilton Drywall Products for the mud, tape, texturing compound, and corner pieces. We are still waiting to hear back from Jim Johnson with Hamilton Drywall Products.

Wade Stevens and I have hauled another 3 loads of sand and gravel, so we are getting very close to having enough to build up the porches and garage for ADA access. Some of the guy’s helping us have been out sick, so that has set us back a week or so. Hopefully their starting to feel better. Once we get the rock spread & compacted, I will be getting a concrete crew out to set patio forms and prepare the garage slab. I’m really hoping we get the site improved and ready before the hard rains hit. Sounds like Nolan will be working on it today or Monday. He indicated he will get the water line dug first, so that we can get it inspected and backfilled.

David Dougherty, Principal of Dougherty Landscape Architects is scheduled to meet me at the Southmayd site on Monday to start the design of a quiet, peaceful low maintenance, outdoor area, just off the therapy room. We’re trying to create a “healing” type garden of Eden for Jayson.

Chris Smith sent us a rendering of the kitchen cabinets that Glenn Hastings created for Jayson & Misty to review. Misty was very excited to see what they will look like. I think Glenn will be coming out to explain the design to the Southmayds as well as answer any questions they may have.

The siding crew will be starting a week later than we thought. I think all the remaining materials are on site except the siding itself, which should have arrived on the 27th of September. I have a call into Square Deal.

Jason Bush


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