Weekly Update #56 & 57, 12 Nov 2021

Jim is on the left and his apprentice, Austin is on the right. We thank Jim & Austin very much.

Author: Jason Bush

There has been a little delay in getting our insulation done, the electrical relocated at the front door, and the gas pipe for the room heater in the therapy room relocated, as many members of our team are in the process of hunting, vacationing, or simply overwhelmed with the workloads on their plates. I think all we have left right now is a little wall insulation, and I’m hoping we can be ready for sheetrock by the end of this week. Knez in Springfield will deliver the drywall when ready.


Jim, owner of the Stove Doctor, met me last Saturday at the Southmayds and installed the attic portion of the wood stove chimney system, so that helps in clearing the way for sheetrock installation. I had two leads on the sheetrock installation and the tapping & texturing, however, they both fell through, so I am back on the hunt for help in hanging it and finishing it.

The siding crew is wrapping up their work, which looks amazing, so I will be sending off final payment for them. The Southmayds and I thank Northwest Siding Contractors of Eugene for their excellent work on this project.

Rick Dancer contacted the Southmayds and I about doing another podcast on our project, and he has obtained sponsorship of the show from our favorite mechanical contractor, “Priority One Heating & Air-conditioning!” Rick has preliminarily scheduled us for Wednesday, November 24th at 5:00 PM. We thank Priority One and Rick Dancer very much for their continued support of our project, and hope some of you may catch the podcast on “Get Real with Rick Dancer.”


I checked in with Lee at Discount Windows & Doors, and he said he will have the doors delivered upon a two week notice to him. Most all the doors are in stock, so that’s good to know.


Glenn Hastings, owner of Hastings Wood Design has been really working hard on our cabinets. He just informed me that he has gotten most of the hardware donated from Rebecca & Randy Meadows of Mavericks Hardware in Eugene, and Billy Davis & Troy Yost of Tree Products has donated most of the wood for the cabinets. I will be calling both Mavericks and Tree products to personally thank them for the help on this project.


I want to thank Les Biggerstaff, Superintendent of Meili Construction, who is building the Harrison Street Apartments on 10th street in Cottage Grove. He has given us a 26’x 38’ piece of filter fabric that is used in road construction to put down in front of the Southmayds garage at the South driveway in order to get it ready for wet weather, as I still need to get some sand and gravel back there for the garage and rear porches. I have a call in to Boyce & Sons for some 12-foot-wide fabric for the driveway itself. I also want to thank Gary Meili, owner of Meili Construction, who allows Les to help us out. Les has delivered some soil to our site as well.


Wade Stevens of WA Stevens Construction is going to help me regrade the driveway to prevent it from rutting up in a few areas. We will then need to get a concrete truck back there to pour the garage slab and back porches. The filter fabric can be seen below with Doc & Wade Stevens.

Lastly, I wanted to say that our good friend Steve Milosevich, owner of Anco Fasteners, just bought a dog bath from our other good friend, Scott Smith owner of Tom Smith Fiberglass shop on highway 99 in Goshen. Steve had known Scott, but did not realize that he builds dog baths until he read about Scott making the Southmayds dog bath in a previous weekly update, so it was nice to hear that Steve had bought one of Scott’s beautiful dog baths! We will be installing the Southmayds dog bath just as soon as we get the garage slab in.

Lastly today, I received a call, actually I have received about a dozen calls since Wednesday with 8 voice mails to return. We we’re off Wednesday for Veterans Day, so Since I have not really taken vacation time in a couple years, I decided to take Friday & Monday, and for once I told myself “Dog Gone It, I’m not answering the phone the whole time I’m off this time.” …. Except,

for the one today because I didn’t recognize the number and thought it may have something to do with the SHB. Turns out it was Willamette Valley Harley Davidson. Before it was over and I had helped her with her building permit question. I told her some of our SHB story. She was pretty excited to hear where we’re at with it, said they do lots of fundraising for our Veterans, mentioned that her whole family were Veterans, and that their daughter was going to college to learn the specialties of landing a job in helping our Veterans. I’m sure there is a specific program or degree, but it wasn’t mentioned in our conversation, so I figure as long as the federal government does not get involved in helping with the curriculum, or handing out any first-hand lessons, she should come out on top and lead the way for better programs and services. We wish her much success.

Jason Bush

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