Weekly Update #59, 26 Nov 2021

Author: Jason Bush

Been a busy week for everyone with Thanksgiving and Veterans Day just behind us, and Christmas and New Year’s staring us in the eye holes. Wade Stevens and I got the south driveway reconstructed and winterized in.  Wade helped out not only with his heavy equipment, but brought in several loads of ¾- quarry rock to finalize the driveway. There will be no issues getting sand rock and concrete trucks in there to continue to prepare for the last of the concrete slabs.

Rick Dancer had us scheduled for another podcast this past Wednesday at the SHB project site. I think it went pretty good considering the unknowns of being on the receiving end of a podcast.  We briefly went through the big concerns with the existing home, and then toured them on the new home, focusing on some of Priority One Heating & Air Conditioning’s work, as not only is it very well done, but they sponsored this week’s show! The Southmayds and I thank both Rick and Priority One very much for their continued support! https://www.facebook.com/RickDancer.TV/videos/465098288371632/?d=n

Jack Applegate, CEO of Northwest Code Professionals and MAE, Engineering (Mortier Ang Engineering) sent us a Thanksgiving wish, with a personal note that the MAE Division has donated $5,000 to the SHB project. I’m struggling with exactly how much Jack, NWCP, MAE, and the Mortier and Ang families have helped and supported this endeavor, but it has been substantial. Jack was one of the first professionals I called to discuss the original Southmayd findings. Jack has also been instrumental in helping generate other income from his professional associations, friends, and contacts. Thank you, Jack!

Lastly, this short week, I received a call from Todd Loydd, owner of Bonn Roof Care who had heard us on Rick Dancers show Wednesday, and indicated he figured the roof was on, but stated that they do gutters and down spouts as well as other work when it comes to total roof care, and would like to be a part of our project. So, we want to thank Todd and Bonn Roof Care for their proactive support. It is very gratifying having someone approach us as opposed to seeking them out.

Hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving,

Jason Bush, CBO


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