Weekly Update #62, 17 Dec 2021

Author: Jason Bush

I had to run up to Junction City and pick up the one pocket door frame that came in on another truck, and had the opportunity to Meet Lee Brohel, Owner of Discount Windows & Doors. What a great guy and a successful business they have built…. And they did build it–all on their own.

The sheetrock has been hung by the chimney with care, and all throughout the new house the walls remain bare; no tape, no texture, but soon enough, the Hartness boys will be there!  

Rod and his crew at High Cascade Painting & Construction have decided to focus on the interior painting so that the gutters can be installed, thus keeping rain from splashing up onto the siding. He indicated that they could tentatively paint the week after the new year. Todd at Bonn Roof Care said his guys can most likely have the gutters and downspouts on sometime after Christmas, but before the new year.

Nolan Booher is spreading the 70 plus yards of sand and gravel today, and called me to discuss the elevation of the garage slab and overhead doors, and how everything will be compatible with the outside porches and ADA access. Nolan is also going to measure out the overhead door elevations as they close down on the eventual slab and cut of the overhead door side trim that was ran wild.

Mike Markham owner of Mike Markham Concrete and Louie Buendia, owner of Premier Concrete, LLC have both returned my calls and are scheduled to meet me at the SHB on Monday at 11am to see if and how much they may be able to help.  They specialize in concrete flatwork, of course, and it would be nice to get the front porch and garage slab done so that we can get the dog bath installed. The back porches are not so pressing at this particular time.

Serena Locke, Building Permit Technician for Jackson County, Oregon asked in a recent International Code Council zoom meeting weather or not we we’re going to have another work party at the SHB project site? We feel good knowing that so many folks like Serena are still following our journey. I don’t think we will have any during these winter months; however, I do want to plan something for this spring, but it may be a combination of clean-up, beautification, and forensically disassembling the old house. We would welcome anyone who would like to help in any aspect of completing this project.

As I told the lawyer representing the contractor who helped unknowingly start this amazing life changing project during my deposition last week, we are going to take it down board by board and piece by piece. We have no choice as Lane County mandates it. Rick Dancer has tentatively agreed to provide the media resources in the event we want to make a series of training videos.

Additionally, would like to involve the Creswell and Cottage Grove High School Vocational Program students and the Chemeketa Community College students enrolled in the Building Inspection Technology Program. Moreover, I have just left a message for Randall Tile, Apprenticeship Director for Mid-Oregon IEC & Apprenticeship Training Services. I am unsure of exactly what this program is all about yet, as I obtained the contact information from a friend of a friend.

Lastly, I have Misty, Jayson, Jaydon, and Mikiah working on paint colors, floor coverings, light fixtures, ceiling fans, and all the other finishing touches that need to be contemplated. They are coordinating a good deal of this time-consuming work with the fine folks that continue to provide help, services, and materials to are project, and we thank them and everyone noted above dearly!

The Shadow to the left doing a little inspecting.
Nolan just informed me that we need two more loads or ¾ minus and that should do it!!!!
Brian Way said he could haul them first thing on Monday, so that is great news.
Below is a picture of the pocket door frames located in Jaydon’s room and main bath further back.


Jason Bush, CBO

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