Weekly Update #63, 24 Dec 2021

Author: Jason Bush

First and foremost, the Southmayd family and I wish each & every one of you a very Merry Christmas and a Freedom Drenched Happy New Year! Whether or not your one of the almost 300 folks receiving this directly, reading it on the City of Cottage Grove or Creswell’s websites, or on our first big sponsors website, www.operationsecondchances.org, we thank you all very kindly.

Nolan Booher got right in there on Friday and spread the last two loads of gravel that Brian Way hauled for us, so we’re getting close to being in a position to compact and form up some of the flatwork. We will focus on the garage and front porch, and worry about the back later. This will direct the majority of rain to the north of the property, alleviating ponding water near the front porch.

I have rental heaters in the house drying things out. Hartness drywall indicated it will be textured and ready for the next step which should be prepping for the interior paint by this Friday.

Doug Moody, Residential Sales for Mid-Valley Glass & Millwork slipped me his contact information for the territorial manager of Metrie, Inc. Metrie, out of Canada, produces trim, molding, baseboard, and other millwork, to name just a few. Zack, Territorial Manager called Jason Smith, Millwork Sales Representative, of Gerretsen Building Supply out of Roseburg, Oregon and they sat down and came up with the discount…. I think, as this one happened behind the scenes so fast, I was not able to get all the pertinent information. Evidently, Gerretsen was on their list of suppliers, and they have always had a big hand in helping our Veterans. They were very proactive, and immediately jumped on board our cause. Jason Called me and indicated that they would supply & deliver the complete list of finger-jointed pine colonial trim, molding, and baseboard for the project for $1,000, which is a discount of about $3,500. So that batch of products will be delivered soon, and we thank Metrie, Zack, Jason, Doug, and Gerretsen Building Supply!

Bonn Roof Care (BRC) has the gutters on, and 90% of the downspouts installed which is a big deal with the amount of rain and now snow we are receiving. Maybe the Snowman is not aware of the global warming warning…. I also had an extremely promising and enlightening conversation with Todd Loydd, who owns BRC. There is even more possibility of taking this “Mission Critical” project up a couple more levels than we have reached thus far. Very exciting stuff that I need to follow up with prior to any disclosures.

“Mission Critical……?

Tiffany Orner, Executive Director of the Grunt Style Foundation called me either Monday or Tuesday morning with the very exciting news that they have been in discussions with Cindy McGrew, Founder of Operation Second Chance, and Tiffany was excited to let me know that they sent Cindy a check for $10,000 for the SHB Project. Thanks so Munch Tiffany & GRUNT STYLE!

As Jayson, Misty, and I were walking the new house admiring the Hartness boy’s work last week, we kept hearing a meow…. The underfloor hatch was in place, but Jayson pulled it open and next thing we know, their black cat with green eyes jumped up into his arms. It had evidently been down there since we had the gas line relocated about a week prior, so I think “Fenton” was taken in for some left over Thanksgiving dinner!

Jason Bush, CBO

The driveway has been brought up to finished grade.
Jeff, lead installer for Bonn Roof Care, with Hermi on the left and Dru in the middle.
Jeff on the right, Hermi, in the middle practicing safety, and Dru on the left.

Bedroom ceiling
Great room

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