Weekly Update #70, 11 Feb 2022

Author: Jason Bush

The week started out a little slow, and now that Premier Concrete has the soil spread out, it’s obvious we will need some more in the back. I did find two loads on Wednesday. Donald, who works for JT’s Excavation called up as I was heading there anyway for inspections, and offered to drop off two loads. There is more there, at the new Holbrook Street Apartments that are being constructed, but it’s blocked in at the time. We will also be needing another 2 or 3 loads of gravel for the back porch’s final preparation, which we will work on as the weather improves.

Thursday, Misty & Jayson met with Narelle, and the other fine folks at McKenzie Stone & Tile to pick out the bathroom counters. They had a great time going through the boneyard, accompanied by Jayson’s service dog, Arabella and Griffin, the beagle, “store dog”. They liked so many of the different leftover pieces of quartz & granite, but were having trouble with which color or pattern in which bathroom, and whether or not they should match. Then Randy, Narelle’s husband, joined them and pointed out a couple large slabs, and asked if they liked them.  They loved them! So, Randy did some quick math and determined they would cover all the bathrooms, and that turned out to be Jayson & Misty’s preference. They had a remarkable time with Narelle, Randy, Sheri, & Griffin and told me to really thank them from the bottom of their hearts! Jaydon, their 11 year-year-old Basketball star claimed that he is not going back into the new home until it’s done, because he wants to be really surprised.

Glenn Hastings, the cabinet guy, came out around 3 on Thursday and did his final measurements, and showed Jayson & Misty his conceptual design. They are so thrilled with the design & color she picked out. Glenn indicated that it will be at least 6-8 weeks before he can get the remaining supplies & materials and then get them built, and installed. He said it may be better to go ahead and install the flooring, but we have it ordered, and won’t have enough, so I will be dwelling on that, and how it can be circumvented.

Misty said that Priority One Heating & Air-conditioning we’re out there Thursday. I suspect they were wiring the furnace up above the garage. They may be there again today because they can be doing other finish work. I have contacted Superior Electric as well, but have not heard anything from them yet. Brothers Plumbing has all the fixtures and has sent the specification sheets to us for coordinating with the counter installations.

Lastly, I will continue to pursue some finish workers who can help give me some thoughts on the timing and planning of hanging interior doors, trim, molding, and the coordination with the painters and other trades, as well as the flooring dilemma above. Thanks to everyone

Jason Bush, CBO

Building Official

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