Weekly Update #7 Nov 20, 2020

Author: Jason Bush

I sent the plans off to the Oregon and Washington Truss Joist International representative, Mike Bair on Tuesday after discussing our project with him. Mike Bagley, his partner called me back yesterday to inform me that TJI will be preparing a shop plan for me and that they have authorized the donation of the TJI’s as well as the 7/8” Edge Gold floor sheathing. They indicated that they will contact Parr Lumber to package it up and deliver it to the job-site at the appropriate time.
We plan on doing the same with the Simpson Strong Tie organization, as they often have a representative at our quarterly business meetings for the Oregon Building Officials Association. It would be nice to obtain all the project hardware such as hold downs, hurricane ties, and joist hangars.
Another huge hurdle for the project is the main lumber package which I plan on going to Seneca Sawmill for once our job superintendent gets me a bill of lading for the materials. I used to grade lumber for them which gives me a foot in the door, I hope. The beams, headers, and glue-lambs I will have to try and obtain from Square Deal, or another smaller hardware store as I’m saving up the bigger donation packages for Jerry’s, Home Depot, and Lowes.
We had a few plan review issues that the designer is resolving now. I’m also in the process of doing some value designing to get some of the costs down. Things like eliminating the front door side-lights, some pocket doors in place of the more expensive barn style doors, and removing fake dormers which saves some money and alleviates some maintenance issues down the road.
So, at this point we’re waiting on the final revisions to the plans while we try to obtain the materials for the septic tank and drain field. I have contractors standing by to install the system just as soon as I can obtain it. We are also concentrating on removing a couple trees, to include one the power company wants removed to facilitate a new power pole, so that we can get the power trenched to the project.
Lastly, I was able to finish the letter to the American Red Cross, and they have forwarded it on up the ladder. Lynn Hermanson is our caseworker at this point and she is very supportive, and like she said “I’m like a dog with a bone now” I won’t let up until we get you some help!

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