Weekly Update #8 Dec 4, 2020

Author: Jason Bush

I have yet to hear back from the Simpson Strong-Tie Company, Seneca Sawmill Company, or the Home Depot. I plan on touching base with them again either today or first thing next week. I stopped in at Parr Lumber in Springfield, and they are seeing what they can do. It sounds like they may be able to donate the beams and headers, as Seneca only cuts 2x lumber. I need to determine the lumber needed for the under-floor framing as that will be separate from the main lumber package. I have approached the Truss Company for the roof trusses, but have not heard back from them at this time.
Willamette Graystone got back to me with the news that they will deliver a new 1500-gallon, dual stage, septic tank free of charge whenever we need it. Ken, the owner of McKenzie Excavation is in the process of visiting the site in order to design the system. Then I will have a list of materials that I can approach some companies with.
Our design team has revised the plan review issues and included the design of the roof trusses for the final plan review approval. That will allow us to buy the permits from the County, post them, and be ready to mobilize the foundation crew upon final donations.
Northwest Code Professionals, CEO, Jack Applegate, put me in touch with ICC (International Code Council) Region II folks who operate a military veteran rehabilitation program that helps veterans learn a new career in the Building Inspection Technology field. They had a somewhat stagnant year, have some funds that need to be used, and appear very interested in helping us with some financial donations. Jack also indicated that Northwest Code Professionals will pay for our Lane County permits up to $4,500, which is a big relief!
I plan on contacting the KPNW “Wake Up Call” and KNND 1400 radio stations again to entertain the thoughts of going on the air for an update….
Lastly, I had a phone consultation with David Atkins with the Center for Nonprofit Law, PC, in order to investigate the possibility of setting up a 501 C 3. That is too complicated and time consuming at this point, and he suggested another route of piggy-backing with a current 501 (C) 3 organization, called an FSA (Fiscal Sponsorship Agreement). This can be set up in a few hours, cost about $500.00 and can be disbanded upon the completion of our project. That will allow us to issue tax deductible receipts for those that donate cash.


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