Weekly Update #82, 6 May 2022

Author: Jason Bush

The Romero Brothers finished the flooring installation late Friday, and wow, does it really look nice! Matt Sigmond, owner of Gardner Floor Covering, really took all the work and coordination out of my hands the minute he reached out to me to confirm he was ready to help. He contacted the manufacturer, secured an exceptional discount, and scheduled, what goes unsaid, as his best installation team. I was not involved in the least, and I really thank Matt & the Romero brothers!

 Mike Blankenship’s, lead finish carpenter, Eric, has finished all the trim, molding, and baseboards throughout the house, and again the workmanship is outstanding. He was joking with me that each morning he showed up this week, the floor looked like it had just been swept & polished; we figured out that Misty has been sneaking out there cleaning. All their fine work can be seen below.



The therapy room looking west. The door to the right is the master bedroom, and you can see the main bath in the background. The door straight ahead to the west is where we hope to put the spa.

Master bedroom with the walk-in closet to the left, the great room in the background to the middle,

and, the therapy room through the doorway to the right.

Mike on the left, his son Brandon on the right, with Eric in the middle setting doors on Monday.

Scott Woodland emailed me Friday afternoon to inform us that he is in a position to fully donate the closet materials that Nolan will need to complete the closets, laundry room, and the pantry. We thank Nolan and Scott for their help with these finishing touches.


Wade Stevens and I were able to pick up and deliver another two, five-yard loads of ¾ minus gravel to the site this past Saturday. Ruben estimated another 10 yards would be needed to bring up a couple low spots and fine tune the final grade. He called me Thursday evening sensitive to my budget, and indicated he can do the work for less than half his normal rate, and that he would like to get started this Saturday! Now we know why its Bam Construction!! Thank you, Ruben.

David Daugherty, our landscape architect called to confirm that the next step would be to meet at the site, walk the property again, and then sit down where he can sketch, trace, and capture some overlays of what Misty & Jayson’s final inspirations are to look like. We look forward to sitting down with David. David’s firm is also the landscape architect for the 10th Street Apartment’s currently being constructed at the old Harrison School site in Cottage Grove.

Shaun Hyland and I had another conversation, and he happens to have some contacts with Tuff Spas, and may be able to help with the removal of the large stumps, which will take some heavy equipment.

Brother’s Plumbing called me and are planning on delivering the plumbing fixtures this week. Rich and I need to meet at the site to discuss how we are to interconnect the well, pressure tank, storage tank, and instantaneous water heater, and the best method to get the water service tied-in. Then, he indicated I will need to contact someone like Rainbow Pump, who specializes in well heads, to complete whatever it is we figure out. The good news is that Rainbow Pumps is not receiving updates yet, so they don’t know I’m heading their way…..

As stated in last week’s update, the cabinets should be delivered the week of May 15th, and installed very soon thereafter, again by Mike Blankenship and his crew. McKenzie Stone & Tile made an appointment to do the bathroom counter templates on May 26th, and the final installation on June 6th…. Pressures on the cabinet man now. Way to go Glenn Hastings!

I need to get back out on the streets to find an insulation company to help with the attic blow-in as Dr. Josh Lowes was not in a position to help us out. They have used up their yearly donation(s) expenditures, and we thank them for considering the work.

The painters texted Misty and I, and they are stopping by today to strategize the final painting of the inside, as they have been very responsive, and have had to get a little creative because of the way we have had to work around various complicated schedules. Thank you, High Cascade Painting & Construction.

There have been several inquiries about having a work party again, or a beautification party at the SHB site. The last one we had was in July of last year, so it seems fitting to mimic it. We should have a finalized landscape plan by then that we can work off of. There may be some plantings and spreading of bark; a little fencing that needs to go up; and a dump run & brush hogging to do. So, if anyone is interested, please mark your calendars for probably the third week in July.

Lastly, I was in studio with Holloway & Lundun Monday morning to give an update on the SHB project.  I have gotten to know Robb pretty well over the course of this project, but never had the pleasure of meeting either him or Bill, nor had the good fortune of seeing their amazing studio. It was kind of cross between what you may expect to find in Ripley’s Believe It or Not museum, haphazardly stirred with the Oregon Ducks locker room, the Widmer Brothers brewery’s basement, some leftover vineyard paraphernalia, and an old bookstore that has a lot of loving pets lounging around being part of the family. A very fun & enlightening experience. Thank you Holloway & Lundun…….

As always, if anyone has any questions, thoughts, or ideas, please do not hesitate to give me a call or email.

Jason Bush, CBO

Building Official

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