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Iraq Veteran and Family Face Homelessness


Operation Second Chance is excited announce our involvement in our first ever home build project. We have joined forces with community volunteers from Lane County Oregon to bring national recognition to their cause. Their community cause is to help veteran Jayson Southmayd build a new and safe home for he and his family.

Jayson served our country entering service in the Army National Guard as a combat medic in 2007. His unit deployed to Iraq in 2009, where Jayson was involved in two significant events that changed his life and health forever. The day before his unit’s push into Iraq from Kuwait, Jayson was involved in a roll over training accident that caused severe injuries to his face, neck, and spine. Faced with his unit being without their medic for their initial push. Jayson fought through his pain and injuries to remain with his unit.

Further into his deployment, Jayson was once again injured helping to rescue an injured local national. These injuries caused him to be airlifted to Army medical facilities in Germany, and then back to the States and Walter Reed Medical Center.

Meet Jayson

Jayson is an exceptional patriot and a true American hero, both abroad and here at home. He honorably served in the U.S. Marine Corps before he decided to again, honorably serve this country in the U.S. Army as a Combat Medic during the Iraq war. Now a disabled veteran, injured twice, protecting the freedoms that all Americans cherish and love – a man dedicated to his country, his family, his community and God.

Jayson has been volunteering with the Inter-generational Reading Collaboration program (IRC) at Creslane Elementary School in Creswell for the past six years, helping kids in grades K-3 learn to read, as well as using his service dogs in the school’s special needs classes, which has been very fun, exciting, and inspirational for the children, parents, and staff.

Jayson has also logged over 600 hours as a Peer Mentor with the Lane County Veterans Court – the only program like it in Oregon, or elsewhere for that matter. He coaches other disabled veterans, with their wounds and trauma with his service dogs, to successfully reintegrate these wounded warriors back into civilian life, hopefully avoiding incarceration and/or homelessness.

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