Weekly Update #10 Dec 18, 2020

Author: Jason Bush

Seneca Sawmill was unable to support us with the lumber packages, as they have been donating materials and financial aid to the folks that lost everything to the recent fires up the McKenzie River. I have broken the need down to 3 smaller packages. Steve at the Swanson Group has agreed to give us some lumber, Paul Hammer, of Hammer Lumber Company is going to see what they can do, and Robb Thomas of Starfire has indicated they should be able to help. I also contacted Sundance Lumber Company and Frank Lumber. Home Depot is not in a position to supply the roofing, but has put together a total package of minimum materials. So, I plan on calling the roofing manufacturers.

Ken with McKenzie Excavation & Paving plans on starting the septic system and drain field installation right after the new year. The existing system is leaking sewage in the back yard, so this is our priority. I will check in with George at H D Fowler to see if our materials are in and if they are able to donate them.

I was on the Beeper Show again on Wednesday during the 8:30 hour, which went pretty well. I have yet to hear back from KPNW’s Wake Up Call. I will try again soon.

Our meeting to go over the plans one last time was cancelled, so we’re working on rescheduling it. I also received word from the Clair Company that they recommend approval of the plans, so the County will be putting everything together and preparing them for issuance. Once the final plan is approved, I will need to get copies to the various mechanical, electrical, and plumbing subcontractors.

EPUD has completed their review and sent us a sketch of how they propose to run the power. They are boring underground from the existing power pole to our side of the road where they will install a transformer that provides the power to the Southmayds as well as their next-door neighbor. This will require an easement at the new transformer. From there we will go underground about 175 feet to the new garage.

Dan Quatier, CEO of Interior-Tech in conjunction with ICC Region II has indeed donated $15,000 which brings our account up to about $33,000! This is a big deal that allows us some flexibility, and the ability to bridge the gap in donations. Thanks to Dan, Jack Applegate, and ICC Region II!

Lastly, the FSA is being worked on. Jayson has been diligently trying to contact the CEO of Forward Assist, but if that does not work out, his back-up plan is with another 501(C)3 organization.

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