Weekly Update #6 Nov 13, 2020

Author: Jason Bush

We completed the foundation pad on Wednesday the 11th which was Veteran’s Day, and what a day it was! We hauled about 12 loads of rock, had transfer dump trucks lined up at about the time a big vibratory roller to compact the rock showed up. Ric Christian of Geomax came out and tested the building pad for us. He will be preparing a test report so that we can remit it to the county. McKenzie Excavation came out on extremely short notice to bring the roller, and offered right there on the spot to install the septic tank and drain field that we learned is inadequate, not installed correctly, and is failing. A small portion was under the new garage, which had to be removed.
As we were calling around for rock on Wednesday, we tried Knife River, who did not have a source at the time, but did encourage us to call him when we need the concrete for the foundation, so that seems likely that some of it will be donated. I also tentatively have Shad Lowman, owner of L and L Foundations on board to help with the concrete forms.
I am continuing on with donation requests and am preparing a letter to the American Red Cross who seems very excited to help us. I do not know if they can do anything, but we are hopeful. I have received word from Mike Lindell’s executive assistant of “My Pillow.” I had called the commercial and got through to a gal that graciously gave me Mike’s personal email.
At this point our $15,000 is going fast with permits, some of the rock, and now the dilapidated septic system. I have emails in to Willamette Greystone for a tank and HD Fowler for the drain pipe. We would like to get that in as soon as possible. Weather is a challenge at this point. Plans should be ready in a couple weeks.

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