Weekly Update #60, 3 Dec 2021

Author: Jason Bush

Back in weekly update, #35 I think it was, Jayson told me that Misty and the family were finally allowing themselves to envision the real possibilities of the new home; allowing some excitement to seep out privately amongst themselves; to start thinking of when they will move in, how they will decorate it, and set it up to fit their needs; and, how overwhelmingly thankful they are to all the folks that have helped make this become “their” reality….

There was a time this past winter, before anything had been constructed other than the engineered subgrade itself, when I would stop by the Southmayds to check on them. We would discuss possibilities, options, and what-if’s until I would stipulate upon leaving, ….“Doc, now, don’t you worry, we’re going to get you a safe and comfortable new home built—nothing for you to be concerned about!” After all, isn’t that what doctors tell us when we’re hurt and in need of care, to help reassure us that everything will be okay?

Then I would go home and almost break down thinking of the monstrosity of what I had originally committed to. There was definitely a long road ahead with little to no road signs for direction or guidance. Then the list of folks I could turn to started growing & growing, as you have all read about over the course of the last year and a half.  Now I can say with a full does of confidence, that I am very excited; excited on every front; excited that the momentum that I was always so worried about loosing, is actually picking up; and finally, I am extremely excited to announce that we have another new sponsor. A power house of a new patriotic sponsor, “Grunt Style”.  

Grunt Style, is a Veteran owned company that specializes in shirts designed with the fighting American spirit in mind. The shirts always carry the American Flag on the right shoulder, and the infamous crossed muskets on the left with the strong words “THIS WE’LL DEFEND.”  I do not honestly think I have ever seen Jayson wearing any shirt but a Grunt Style shirt, and I can also say I have a pretty good collection of the beer-belly guarantee the shirts carry, which can be found at www.gruntstyle.com.

It was on Monday that the Director of The Grunt Style Foundation, Tiffany Orner, a proud Air Force Veteran, called to inform me that she had organized the various stories, project information, and other documents I had been providing her, to the Board of Directors of Grunt Style, and that support for our SHB project has been approved! I introduced Tiffany directly to Cindy McGrew, Founder of Operation Second Chance, who helped her through the donation process. I did not ask, and do not know how much the check was, but Cindy indicated that I will be pleased. Tiffany and I had a wonderful discussion, and it sounds like she will be trying to fit a trip down to visit the site, which is very exciting, as I know that the Southmayd family and I would love to meet her, tour her of the new home, discuss future possibilities, and leave her with a lasting impression of what can happen with un-permitted construction work. We thank Tiffany and Grunt Style for their support and sponsorship of our Veterans, and especially thankful they have put their trust in our efforts with this great project.

Todd Loydd, owner of Bonn Roof Care has already been out to the site and measured up our gutters and downspouts. He explained many options and preventative care measures that will be very important for the Southmayds in the future. I contacted High Cascade Painting & Construction to let them know that we are ready for exterior paint and to put us on their schedule. You may recall from weekly update #14, that I had introduced High Cascade, because they we’re another company that reached out to me first. They have us down as ready, just as soon as Misty gets me the paint color codes.

Another great development that stemmed from our friends at Priority One and the Get Real with Rick Dancer podcast we did last Wednesday, is that Narelle Hooker, owner of McKenzie Stone & Tile heard us, and as she indicated in her touching email to me below;

“I’m sorry I missed you!! I’m beyond excited to be a part of this project! I have a great conversation with Jayson yesterday and am ready to go to work on it as soon as I have more information on what the needs are. I have a ton of connections in the home supplies industry so I will be reaching out beyond our doors when I know more about the project and specifically the needs and desires of Jayson and his wife.”

I had stopped in to meet Narelle, this week, but missed her. I did have the additional pleasure of meeting one of their sales representatives named Sheri Johnson. She indicated she knew me, and had discussed her own construction project in Creswell with me several times this past year. Sheri used to own her own tile store in California, has a lot of product in storage, and indicated she probably has enough to do the bathrooms if we could use it. So, we want to express our thanks to Narelle, Sheri, and McKenzie Stone & Tile!

Mike Jensen, Sr. Building Safety Specialist with Lane County was kind enough to schedule wall & vault insulation, under-floor insulation, and a gas pressure test inspection(s) for us on Tuesday.  That’s technically my job, and I appreciate Mike. Hartness Drywall should be out to evaluate the project this next week, so that they can get started in planning their work.

Lastly, if there is anyone who still has an invoice that needs attention, whether it’s something payable, or simply for a tax-deductible receipt, please send it in to me. Also, if you have a logo that has not been sent to me, we would really enjoy adding it to the website www.operationsecondchance.org I would still like to plant you yard sign for anyone who has not provided one yet.


Jason Bush, CBO

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