Weekly Update #66 & 67, 21 Jan 2022

Author: Jason Bush

The trim was delivered on the 16th from Gerretsen Building Supply out of Roseburg, and the doors arrived from Discount Windows on Thursday.

Lane Marble has installed the shower pan in the master bedroom and Mike Jensen, Lane County Building Inspector was made sure we got the inspection request in for me and Ryan Rook, another Lane County Inspector approved it on Wednesday. Jayson & Misty have an appointment to meet the fine folks at Lane Marble, look through their showroom, pick out the colors of the shower, and choose the other options available to them.

We have pretty much wrapped up all the required building, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing inspections up to the point of final approvals. We are working very hard with Superior Electric and EPUD to get the power ran to the new electrical panel. I spoke with EPUDs operations section on Wednesday after confirming that the pull string is in the electrical panel, and that it has been green tagged, meaning inspected by Lane County. I’m hoping to have power in within a week or so.

Rod Campbell and Misty have picked out the exterior paint colors, and he thought they may well be able to paint the exterior this coming week, as we’re supposed to have a nice dry week.

Rich Lybarger, owner of Brothers Plumbing has contacted their suppliers, Ferguson, who has taken care of us once again and will be supplying the remaining plumbing fixtures.

Jayson and Misty have also picked out and purchased most of the permanent interior light fixtures, ceiling fans, and the range hood, so that will be available when needed.

Jayson & Misty have made an appointment with Matt Sigmond, Owner of Gardner Floor Covering, in order to pick out a floor covering that will withstand the raising & training of service dogs. Matt has contacted his flooring Representative at Shaw, and they are going to help us out with some of the flooring costs. It has been decided to simply lay down one type of flooring throughout the whole house for several reasons, the most important is the accessibility factor for Jayson and Misty. Matt is also going to check in with some of the guys that install flooring for us to contact.

Jayson, Misty, and I thank everyone once again for their continued support in helping with this amazing project!

Jason Bush, CBO

Building Official


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