Weekly Update #68, 28 Jan 2022

Author: Jason Bush

The exterior of the house has been painted and looks very, very nice and we thank High Cascade Painting & Construction. Jayson and I were out trimming the siding and trim at the bottom of the front door as suggested so that Louie, owner of Premier Concrete, can float up the landing at the front door to make it wheelchair accessible. Louie and his crew will be pouring the front porch today around 9:30, so we are excited to see the final outcome. They plan on pouring the garage within the next week as well, which will allow the delivery & installation of the New Breed dog bath built and donated by Tom Smith’s Fiberglass shop on highway 99 in Goshen.

The front porch above with the water-proof socks on the posts screaming defiance to cancer, and
below is the garage, all ready to receive a 3 ½” slab of concrete, thanks to Premier Concrete!
The front elevation of the new Southmayd home. Looks like another dump run is in order….


Jayson & Misty went to Lowe’s and bought a drop-down stair for the garage access, so we can accommodate Priority One getting access to the furnace. I’m going to reach out to see if I can get a crew to install the house to garage door, the garage to outside man-door, and the drop-down stairs for us.

Misty & Jayson have been really busy coordinating the flooring and counters with Matt at Gardner Floor Covering and Narelle at McKenzie Stone & Tile; Brothers plumbing has all the typical plumbing fixtures stored at their shop, ready for installation; Lane Marble is continuing on with the master bathroom ADA roll-in shower; Priority One Heating & Air-conditioning will be going out next week to start some of their finish work and to wire up the equipment in the attic above the garage–that we forgot to put an access in; and,  I will be reaching out to some folks to see about helping out with the finish work and installing the flooring. I will cut in the access in the garage ceiling this weekend, so we can accurately get the drop-down stairs installed.

EPUD has us on their work schedule for February 4th to pull the power lines through the underground electrical conduit to the sub-panels, which will allow Superior Electric to start on some of their finish work, and get some heat in the building.

Glenn Hastings, owner of Hastings Wood Design, is feeling better after battling the China Virus, and said he will reach out Monday to arrange a site meeting to go over the preliminary cabinet design with Jayson & Misty.

Lastly, it’s always good to hear comments on the results of this project, especially when it pertains to the Southmayd family’s health and welfare. Aleks Gabrio, our engineer on this job, and someone who sees and interacts regularly with the family commented after last weeks weekly update….

“Sounds great! I can see the difference mentally and physically in Jayson and the family. They are happier and healthier every week”.

Jason Bush, CBO

Building Official


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