Weekly Update #77, 1 Apr 2022

Author: Jason Bush

Kevin Rife, owner of Rife’s Home Furnishings, called me asking if the Southmayds were in need of some furniture. I shared with him what they currently have, and what Misty has shared with me. They are supposed to put some thought into it, and get back to me so we can make an appointment with Kevin or his son-in-law Matt Cummins. Some may recall back in weekly update #33, that when KMTR News Anchor, Kendall Bartley, came out to the Southmayd Home Build site to interview us for a story, that Kevin Rife came out with KMTR Station Manager Kathie Dougherty in order to surprise Jayson & Misty with a check for $500.00 to help build the home, so we really thank Kevin & Tammy Rife!

Nolan Booher, owner of Bridgewater Construction, and I met at the SHB site on Wednesday, so I could help him unload the new dog bath he picked-up for us. It can be seen in the picture below, in the back of the garage, close to where it will be permanently installed.



Nolan also took the time to walk the house with Jayson & Misty, and myself so that he could explain to them how he typically builds his storage systems for the walk-in closet, the kitchen pantry, laundry room, and bedroom closets. The smaller bedrooms, laundry, and hall closet will have the typical clothes rod & shelf, and the walk-in closet and pantry will have lots of customized storage space. Misty is very excited, and I have seen many of the fine homes Nolan has built, so I know it will be nice! He is getting a material list together for me so that I can hunt it down.


Taylor’s Restaurant Equipment called and said the appliances were in and that they would store them until they are needed. They can be seen in the picture below.




I spoke with Glenn Hastings the cabinet guy, who has had some unfortunate times lately, and has been struggling to stay abreast of the work load. He is still back logged three or more weeks. After a few minutes of discussing it, and possible options, he indicated he will try and get the toe-kicks built and installed, which would allow the flooring to go down. That would save us a lot of time and allow the finish carpenters to get started as soon as they can.


Harvey & Price told me today that they will try and get a crew out to the site next week to complete the NFPA 13R automatic fire suppression system. All that should be left for them to complete is trim out the recessed, semi-concealed fire sprinkler heads, install the riser pipe & pressure gauges, and install the storage tank & pump in the garage.


I was off a week on the overhead doors being installed. They are going in tomorrow. Hope everyone has a great weekend.



Yours in Building Safety, “and” Guarding Our Veterans,

Jason Bush, CBO

Building Official

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