Weekly Update #2 Oct 9, 2020

Author: Jason Bush

This week’s update includes an interview at the site with Damien Sherwood of the Cottage Grove Sentinel. There should be an article in the paper on Wednesday, the 14th. We also met Rick Dancer at the site and developed a podcast that really seemed to be interesting to the folks as they watched it live. We were able to see many of the comment’s folks were making during the airing of it.
Our Go Fund Me account has grown to approximately $14,000, and we have a “mysterious Mary” who has gotten ahold of me several times, indicating that she wants to help, and kind-of alludes to some additional help by an “organized group” but has yet to provide any specifics…. Exciting!
Additionally, I received a call yesterday from Eric Lopez of “Wounded Warriors” who expressed their desire to do all they can. At this point, Eric is a case worker who is taking our project up to a higher level and will get back to me soon.
Lastly, I was informed that R & H Excavating, was interested in helping “through the grapevine”, so I have a call into them to see what they may be able to do. At this point, I think something we could actually start concentrating on, is the need to scarf the building pad and bring in some gravel to build up the Northwest corner as needed.

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