Weekly Update #24, 2 April 2021

Author: Jason Bush

I did not do a weekly update last week (#23) as I was working on a framing crew and did not have much to report, and a framer is our top priority right now.

The rebar manufacturer has not returned calls or emails for several months now, so will plan on obtaining it through Parr Lumber or Square Deal—hopefully at their cost. It would be nice if Parr could get it for us. That way they can deliver everything we will need for the foundation preparation in one trip, as they have all the other materials we will need stored on site.

Ewing, with Blue Star Gas did an overlay of our LPG system, and Robert Coryell printed out a couple addendum plans to have on site. This indicates where the LPG tank will go, and where we will run the lines to the gas fireplace, gas water heater, and gas range.

I did run into Mike Markham, of Mike Markham Concrete on Wednesday, who indicated he would be interested in helping with some of the concrete flat work. A specialty item we could certainly use his expertise on. I also ran into the Stove Doctor, who coincidentally lives a few blocks from me. The Southmayds have an existing wood stove they want to reinstall (a legal stove), as well as a new LPG gas fireplace. Jim, the Doctor, said he would certainly help us with the wood stove reinstall as well as either help with the gas fireplace, or install it.

Have not heard anything back from any members of the Home Builders Association. Ed did a nice job of integrating my one-page request for bids for a framing crew into their weekly newsletter.

Persistence has paid off, as I received a bid that fits within our budget from a Cottage Grove contractor, after discussing it with him on Tuesday. Prior to announcing, it I need to finalize some specifics with him. This is very exciting as I think we will be meeting with the foundation crew early next week to fine tune the start of the foundation. So, I’m hoping we will have our foundation set up in the next two weeks and pour within three.

That fits right in with McKenzie Excavating & Paving, as Ken feels he will be ready to start the septic tank and drain field installation right after the foundation has been poured. This should also allow us to utilize their equipment to trench the power to the new garage from the transformer that was just placed by EPUD.

Yours in Building Safety, “and” Guarding Our Veterans,

Jason Bush, CBO

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