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News Anchor Kendall Bartley interviewing Building Official Jason Bush at the project site.
Weekly Update #33, 4 June 2021

Author: Jason Bush

Coast Fork Construction are on site laying out wall lines, pre-cutting wall framing components into installation packages, and all the other organization that goes into the framing of a new home. The Truss Company is in the process of diligently trying to fit the assembly of our roof trusses into their plant schedule. Boyd and I also went through the window schedule and got those ordered as both window World and the Truss Company, are out 4-6 weeks. It will take Boyd’s crew about the same time to get it framed up and ready for the roof and windows, so that should work out good.


I just received a call from the job-site and we need an additional 35 pieces of 2×6 16 foot long immediately…. I called Square Deal, and they have none at all, as it’s on back order. So I called Robb Thomas at Starfire Lumber Company here in Cottage Grove and explained my dilemma. He went out into the yard, pulled some strings, rounded up a lumber stretcher, and found us 32 pieces of 2×6 16’ and 18’ long which cleaned him out. He is putting it together as I write this. Thanks again so much to Robb and Starfire Lumber Company!


The really big news is the KMTR–NBC News, channel 16 job-site interview of myself and the Southmayd Family. News Anchor Kendall Bartley, along with her cameraman & photographer, Eamon Driscoll spent well over an hour interviewing us and touring the site, both the new construction, as well as a brief tour of the existing. Just prior to KMTR arriving, we received an unexpected visitor from Rife’s Home Furniture owner, Kevin Rife. He was actually accompanying KMTR Station Manager, Kathie Dougherty in order to present the Southmayd family with a donation check for $500.00! What an unexpected surprise the whole day turned out to be. A huge thanks to Kevin and Tammy Rife and the whole KMTR family, including a special thank-you to our mysterious “she” from last week’s weekly update, Amy Saling, Senior Account Executive for KMTR!


Kathie indicated they should be airing the interview on Wednesday the 9th or possibly the following Wednesday, but did indicate that she would let me know ahead of time so that I can add it to the weekly update. I will also be seeing if we can get an electronic copy for our website.


When I showed up Wednesday for the KMTR interview, Jayson was a little worried because a portion of their front window suddenly broke that morning and from what I can tell it appears to be a stress fracture. There is no sign of anything but a horizontal bulge going across the entire window. On the opposite and parallel wall where a mini-split unit is hung, it is quite obvious that the unit is pulling away from the wall. I do not think this home will withstand another hard winter, and it will be somewhat exciting to monitor it this coming winter, once we get the family into a safe and secure home this fall.


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