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The following picture is one of my favorites as I unexpectedly came upon Misty and Jayson looking over their new home floor plan. They want everyone to know how thankful they are. How they have finally allowed some excitement to seep through this terrible situation that will end up enduring almost three years of their life.
Weekly Update #35, 11 Jun 2021

Author: Jason Bush

The existing house has again settled with additional floor movement, more cracks in the sheetrock, and the issue of the window that fractured from compression stress. One of our engineer’s that has been providing evaluations of the existing house, Robert Johnson, felt it prudent to shore up the main room below the failing, non-engineered, homemade vaulted roof framing. It appears the failing vault has added weight to the gable end wall supporting the vaulted area.

Dan Wilson of Dan Wilson Construction & Excavation thinks he can get in there and dig the trenches for our power and LPG lines. Superior Electric and Blue Star Gas can then get the lines in the trench and we can call for inspections.

I had an eye appointment in Portland and stumbled upon George Morlan Plumbing Supply and Oregon Rifle Works both in Tigard, so took the opportunity to let them know of our project. Hopefully they get back to me if there happens to be something they can do to help.

We again had a mix up in the amount of exterior 2×6 studs previously ordered, and were short about 80 studs. A panicked call to Doug Henton of Goshen Forest Products quickly solved our problem and Boyd sent one of his guys to the mill and had the lumber within a couple hours.  I can’t thank Doug and Goshen Forest Products enough. The mills have been a huge part of our success. This project most likely would not have started this soon if we had to buy much of the lumber, as it would have cleaned out our funding.

Jack Applegate and Michele Linbarger of Northwest Code Professionals have both been busy soliciting help from various professional Organizations. In fact, one of Jacks great ideas was contacting the sponsors of the Building Safety Journal’s “Building Safety Month.” Each week of the month of June they announce a different theme for the week and there are some big-time sponsors involved in support of the ICC’s efforts. Michele has been busy enlisting members of the Chemeketa Community Colleges (CCC) “Building Inspection Technology Program” and the Oregon Permit Technician’s Association (OPTA) members for a “work day” at the Southmayd project site. Things like weed eating, mowing, building a fence that was recently destroyed, and organizing various piles of firewood from the falling trees. It has been tentatively planned for July 10th. More to follow on this little foray.

Another group of extremely important people to involve in this educational training opportunity, in my opinion, is our young men & women currently enrolled in our educational system. There is a huge shortage of building inspection personnel nationwide and it is expected to get worse fast with another huge number of building inspection staff retiring soon. So, I thought it a grand idea to contact the Cottage Grove and Creswell High Schools Vocational Program Directors to see if there is interest in helping to forensically deconstruct the old house next spring. Hopefully this will broaden the outlook and visions of some of our vibrant young people, still evaluating career options.

Our roof trusses are scheduled for delivery on June 24, a Thursday, so that should be an exciting day. Coast Fork Constructions job-site crew is doing an exceptionally good job on their framing practices. The four of them work impressively well together, and are completing the interior walls and some post and beam placements in preparing for the truss delivery this week.

Lastly, I will be revisiting the materials status for completing this phase and the next phase of this project to include but certainly not limited to the following:

  • James Hardie Lap Siding;
  • Sticky Flashing & Tyvek Building Wrap;
  • Typical Window & Door Flashing;
  • Exterior Trim; and,
  • Roofing Materials.

I do need to get some exterior porch and patio footings set up for pour in the next week so that the Coast Fork Boys can complete the support needed for the roof trusses coming on the 24th.

Thanks to everyone, and please do not hesitate to contact me separately,

Jason Bush, CBO

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