Weekly Update #4 Oct 23, 2020

Author: Jason Bush

I have secured a stump grinder free of charge from C & E rentals as well as Dan Sizemore to operate it. Kevin with R & H Contracting is in the process of trying to obtain a big cat to help get the oak tree stumps out, and then he will proceed with scarfing the ground out about 18” and then bringing in approximately 6 dump trucks of quarry rock in order to bring it up to final grade. Ric Christian of Geomax has agreed to perform a proof-roll/compaction test to provide the County. Dave’s Loam & Topsoil has agreed to the delivery of the rock and provide two of the 6 loads free of charge, and I’m still waiting on Wildish to see if they can donate the last 4 loads. I’m hoping we can start the push-out mid next week.
As indicated last week, the plans are complete and engineering should be done today or by Monday, so I have another call into Steve at Lane County. It would be great if we can take the Clair Company up on their offer to provide the building code plan review while the County finalizes the planning approval.
The Cottage Grove Sentinel has completed our story, and an electronic version is up on their web-site. I think the printed version will be out next week. Damien did a wonderfully detailed story that is almost 2500 words. He indicated it is about four times the size of their average story. It can be found here: https://cgsentinel.com “local building official leads charge to rehome Creswell family”

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