Weekly Update #5 Nov 6, 2020

Author: Jason Bush

We are starting the foundation pad today. I am helping stake out the foundation footprint with Kevin Picknell, owner of R & H Contracting. He will then dig out five large oak tree stumps with a Cat 312 being delivered today at noon, thanks to Peterson Cat of Eugene. Then on Saturday Dave’s Loam and Topsoil will be delivering two loads of gravel for the initial grading, which will be followed up on Monday with Wildish Contracting delivering approximately 65,000 tons of ¾ minus to bring the foundation pad up to proper level. Once the pad has been adequately compacted, Ric Christian, of Geomax has agreed to perform a proof-roll/compaction test done for us.
I have received word that Lane County is finishing up the approvals for our plans and all that is left is to complete a construction excise tax form. The County did allow the Clair Company to perform our plan review in order to help expedite the review, and eliminate the building plan review fees.
Shad Lowman, owner of L & L Foundations has tentatively agreed to set the foundation forms for us in the next week or so, and we are in the process of checking with Knife River for the actual concrete.
Lastly, I have simply been contacting various agencies for help and support. Some like Wounded Warriors and Operation Home front have so many requirements that we seem to fall through the cracks, and do not comply with their programs. I am also checking with Home Depot’s Corporate Office as they have a military Grant Program that I’m checking in on.

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