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Harvey & Price’s top team members getting their photo taken by my son Jason Everett. Left to Right are Mark, Jim, and Derrick. Thanks to these boys for donating their time on a Saturday!
Weekly Update #46, 6 Aug 2021

Author: Jason Bush

Harvey & Price’s crew, including my son and grandsons were at the SHB project most the day this past Saturday. I trimmed trees in order to get dump trucks to the back, west side where we need about 30 loads of clean fill dirt, and somewhere in the neighborhood of 200 yards of gravel. Nathan Marple, Owner of Marple Excavation has donated about 100 yards if I haul it myself, and coincidently, I ran in to Brian Way today, Owner of Way to go Construction, who is working on the Lindsey Townhomes here in Cottage Grove. He indicated he will have some fill dirt, and can help with some of the gravel hauling. Wade Stevens of WA Stevens Construction just bought a new 5-yard dump truck he said I could borrow. It does not require a CDL license, so I may be learning to drive a dump truck.

I spoke with Scott Smith, Owner of New Breed Dog Baths who designs and fabricates dog bathtubs and he said he would be happy to donate a dog bath so that when Jayson gets his dog training business, Southpaws back up and operating, he will have a wash your dog spot. They are located at 85451 Highway 99 South, which is near Goshen. Thank you Scott!  


I have had some luck trying to get Black Rifle Coffee Company, Grunt Style, and American Hero’s Adventures on board our cause, which would complement the other two veteran organizations: Operation Second Chance and Elite Relocation Services. I have spoken to all three and they are taking it up a level and, or, to their respective Board-of-Directors. These veteran owned and operated companies would be a huge addition to our project. We’re hoping Grunt Style will help us design a special Tee-Shirt acknowledging all our sponsors on the SHB project, as well as possibly them helping with a little cash donation.

The link to last week’s Cottage Grove Sentinel article is here:  

Jason Bush

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