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In the picture above you can see the built-up grade at the front porch, as well as the posts that require elevated. In the pictures below, it can be seen that we are getting pretty close to final elevations at the back porches. We still need to compact the last lift, before piling anymore on.
Weekly Update #53, 15 Oct 2021
In the pictures above, it can be seen that the glulam beam and 8×8 posts have been adjusting to the continuous changes in the post & beam foundation support. It appears from the outside that the front room is trying to pull away from the rest of the house. This is the wall that had the window break due to compression a few months ago. The whole support system can be seen below.

Author: Jason Bush

We heard back from Jim Johnson, of Hamilton Drywall Products which is based in Woodlawn, Washington. Jim called and said they were putting the materials together, and Donnie said he has the materials on site if I need to “borrow” until they arrive from Hamilton.

Wade Stevens and I have hauled another 2 loads of sand and rock yesterday, but we were starting to rut-in at the driveway, and decided to wait for Saturday to haul anymore. Nolen and I determined that we need about 4-5 more loads of gravel for the back porches, the front porch is pretty much done, and the garage will need approximately 6-8 loads of sand and then 4-5 of gravel topping. Then we will need to cut 7 porch columns up a few feet in order to get them above the new grade level. We will then add on to the existing footings by drilling in some short pieces of rebar, adding the new Simpson post base anchors, and then re-installing the 6×6 posts. Nolen had gotten our water line dug, which hugs the north side of the driveway where we have been hauling in the rock, which made it a little tight for “this” dump truck driver…. One of the pick-up items is to get one more hose bibb installed at the front of the garage to make car washing a little easier. I decided to contact a couple other plumbing contractors to see if they could help us out with the new hose bibb, as Brothers has done so much for us already. Rich with Brothers Plumbing said they will get the water line in next week, so we’re in good shape.

The next piece of work will be to get some flatwork concrete guys to help set up the patio forms, and pour the garage slab. I had talked with Mike Markham a few months ago, and he had indicated that he will do all he can, so I will be getting back with him next week.

Riverbend donated all the foundation concrete, and Knife River has given us a big discount on the slab concrete, but it has been many months since I have talked with them as well, so will make contact with them again to see exactly where we’re at and verify what they can do again.

In talking with Lee of Discount windows this week, he indicated he could help us out with the one door I missed. The 20-minute fire door between the house & garage. He said he could match it with the interior doors that they are supplying. They are providing the interior doors, some pocket doors, and three barn doors. Lee also donated the bi-fold closet doors. A big thanks to Lee and Discount Windows, “AND” doors for all their help & support. They should arrive in about 4 weeks, which should work out well.

The siding crew should be starting on Monday. They will install the Tyvek, trim, 4×8 ceiling panels at the patios, and all the various flashing products, to include the window sticky pan flashing. Square Deal delivered the first batch of Hardie Lap siding this past Monday along with 1200 lineal feet of 5/4×4 Spruce Pine Fir trim that Belco Forest Products donated several months ago. We thank Julie and Belco Forest Products for their support!

Jason Bush

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