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Above you can barely see the finished siding coming up on the far right at the back.
Weekly Update #54, 22 Oct 2021
Front Porch
Back Porch
Above is our waterline trench on right & main area to prepare before hard rains to the left.
Above you can barely see the finished siding coming up on the far right at the back.

Author: Jason Bush

Jim Johnson, Customer Service Representative for Hamilton Drywall Products received approval to donate the tape, mud, corners, and texturing compound, and Donnie, Manager of the Springfield Knez have loaded up one of Donnie’s generally scheduled delivery trucks with our materials. Knez will store it as well as our sheetrock until we need it. Thanks to Knez & Hamilton!

The weather is the big concern for the Southmayds and myself as it’s hard to keep the house heated, so consequently, they congregate around the fireplace in the front room—just below the failing roof! We have the waterline trench dug out, and Brothers Plumbing is trying to get it in today, as it’s preventing any heavy trucks of delivering rock, sand, and Mud until we get the trench inspected and backfilled. Nolan will fill it in and grade the road enough to continue getting trucks back there. We estimated another 20 yards of gravel for the back porches, and approximately another 30 yards of sand and then 20 yards of gravel to complete the garage slab.

I would like to start thinking about the flatwork to help keep us out of the mud, but also so we can get the dog bath installed in the garage. Next Saturday, I’m hoping to be at the Southmayds doing some clean up. Lots of little piles of construction debris that needs hauled off, and the yard debris has built up a little again, and needs rounded up for a dump run.

I’m still trying to reach Superior Electric to come out and relocate a couple light switches, to the other side of the front door. The Stove Doctor should have the woodstove pipe in soon, and Pacific Northwest Air should be by to modify the LPG line for the room heater. That’s it and were free to insulate. I know Dale, owner of Insul 8 is fitting us in their schedule, so it could be any day.

Jayson & Misty are looking at floor coverings this week and noting down the manufacturer’s information. They prefer a floor covering that withstands large service dogs. They are leaning towards the engineered snap together type stuff. I’m going to start with Imperial Flooring America.

Travis Prine, Manager of Northwest Siding Contractors of Eugene, has his crew out at the Southmayds this week, and they are going to town on the job. They have also agreed to install the front door, garage side door (Once built up enough), the ceilings at the covered porches, and water-proof the bottom portion of the porch posts. They are wrapping the posts to match the house. They are going out of their way to take care of the little things, and their big job of installing the siding looks excellent. They pay attention to the details for sure. We thank Travis, and the whole crew, who I plan to introduce in next week’s update. See the progress pictures below.

Jason Bush

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