Weekly Update #64 & 65, 7 Jan 2022

Author: Jason Bush

I think we will need one or two more load of gravel for the garage and back porches, after talking with the flatwork crews. None of the aforementioned companies have got back to me yet, which is expected at this time of year, and with the weather, it is somewhat difficult to make happen, no matter how creative we get.

I returned the rental heaters, which in hindsight, was an expensive mistake. I should have bought two smaller electric ones. I think Doc and I spent about $500 in diesel! I did go by and pick up six electric heaters from Shaun Hyland on Thursday, so we are able to maintain 55 degrees at least.

The interior has been fully painted thanks to Rod Campbell and High Cascade Painting and Construction! It looks great, and we also want to thank Mike Crowley, owner of Crowley Equipment, who has written the SHB project a check for $1,500. Mike is a neighbor of Rod Campbell, and wanted to be sure we had enough to help cover the costs of unforeseen materials.

After speaking with Jason Smith at Gerretsen Building Supply in Roseburg, it looks like the majority of the interior trim & millwork should arrive by Friday the 14th; however, there is one pattern that even Metrie is back ordered on, and that should arrive by the following Friday, which would be the 21st of January. That will give Lee at Discount Windows time to get the interior doors sent down to us. I have not heard back from the cabinet maker, Glenn Hastings or the kitchen counter guy Bob of Cedar Creek Granite, but both had indicated a couple months ago that it would be at least the end of January, so that hopefully, will fall right into place with the other finish work.

Melanie with Lane Marble has requested I send Jayson & Misty by their showroom next week to start exploring the options with the new ADA roll-in shower that they are helping us with. They can pick out all the colors, shelves, and other options that may be available to them.  Melanie indicated that they went by last week and it looks like we are prepared & ready for them to start the shower pan. Jayson & Misty will also be visiting Lowe’s in Eugene to purchase most of the interior lights, ceiling fans, and other accessories that will be permanently & professionally installed by the subcontractors.

Lastly, David Daugherty, owner of Daugherty Landscape Architects, called to confirm a few questions he had on our original walk-thru a few months ago, and to let us know they are diligently working on a design for us. I did add a request for him to design in a 30-foot flag pole so that Jayson can express and demonstrate his love for OUR flag and country; There is still only one regardless of the terms we use; “Old Glory,” “The Stars and Stripes,” or “The Good Old American Flag.”

“This We’ll Defend” …. To borrow part of “Grunt Styles” logo.

Jason Bush, CBO Building Official

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