Weekly Update #72, 25 Feb 2022

Author: Jason Bush

Louie was able to spread out the last two loads of gravel, and get the back porches brought up to grade and compacted down. I will need to get somebody on board to pour the last of the slabs at the back porches. Louie is pouring the garage slab on March 1st, and Tanks Concrete will be there to do the pumping. That will allow us to pick up the dog bath, and get it ready for installation.

Mike Blankenship, owner of the Blankenship Corporation met me and the Southmayds at the site on Tuesday. It sounds like Mike may be able to do the finish carpentry for us. He is doing some final coordination with his crew, and should get back to me soon with an answer. Thank you Mike!

Brent Taylor, owner of Taylor Restaurant Equipment took the opportunity to purchase the kitchen appliances for the Southmayds this week during our Presidents Day sale. He has bought them a stainless steel side-by-side refrigerator, microwave, gas range, and dishwasher. We thank Brent so much for the kitchen appliances. Below is a picture of the back porches.

We will not need a pump house after all, as Rich at Brothers Plumbing indicated they had planned to put it in the garage. It will be in the back Northwest corner of the garage with the fire sprinkler riser, and water heater.

If anyone has not put up their yard sign, and has one that they would like planted in front of the project, let me know, and I will pick it up and place it for you. Also, if anyone has an invoice that has not reached me, please send them to me so that I can ensure payments are made.

Things will undoubtedly slow down a bit now that we’re approaching the finishing touches. Cabinets are being made, counters planned out, and we will hopefully be getting the flooring down soon.

Jason Bush, CBO

Building Official

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