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Jayson perusing his new kitchen area.
Weekly Update #39, 9 July 2021

Author: Jason Bush

Coast Fork Construction continues the work on sheathing the gable ends, adding fascia, out lookers, and over framing of the roof. I am barely staying ahead of them with needed materials, but it is coming along fine. They tentatively have about 4 to maybe 5 days of work left. With that said, I’m going to discuss the current project stage with Chris Smith to see what sort of things I should be thinking about in order to stay ahead of the project.We still need to get the power back to the new house, set the LPG Tank, and, run the gas lines to the house. I also need to figure the best time to try and prepare the garage slab, and some of the site prep for the other concrete flatwork.

Jeff at Parr was not able to secure the 2×8 fascia, and we thank him for working on it for us.  After discussing my dilemma with Sterling Pew at Square Deal, he gave me his contact at Belco Forest Products who specialize in SPF (Spruce Pine Fir) pre-primed products. So, in contacting Julie, Sales and Marketing Director it was apparent right away that they were on board, as she stated she could authorize our donation right then and there! She was a real inspiration, at a time of need and we thank her and all the folks at Belco Forest Products deeply.

Kyle Kishen, owner of Kyle Kishen Construction out of Cottage Grove and his Project Superintendent, Ed Fedewa and crew Gary Lind and Darren Voight are going to the site today to install the shoring that JBE Engineering sketched up in order to provide a higher level of safety at the existing house’s vaulted roof that is failing. A big thanks to Kyle and his Crew!

I received a return call from Mathew Clement, Owner of Ambassador Fireplaces who assure me that he has a special little corner fireplace that they are donating complete with installation. As a reminder, Jim, Owner of the Stove Doctor has previously agreed to re-install their wood stove, so I think we’re set on the heating appliances.

Kendall Bartley, Lead Anchor for KMTR News sent me a link to the wonderful story she organized and conducted for us at the job-site recently.

And lastly, for anyone who is board, has nothing to do, or would simply like to come out to the project site, please know that there should be quite a few folks out at the site this Saturday for a work, and get to know our veteran and his family party. I want the citizens of Cottage Grove and Creswell who have been following our story from the Cities websites, that there are no prerequisites or qualifications in order to visit our project site. I would enjoy touring you all around both the new home as well as the existing home.

Attached below is a picture of the status as of yesterday.

Jason Bush

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