You are currently viewing Weekly Update #36 & 37, 18 & 24 Jun 2021
Weekly Update #36 & 37, 18 & 24 Jun 2021

Author: Jason Bush

I skipped last week’s update as I had minor eye surgery, which went well. It was Verified with Lee Brohel, one of the owners of Discount Windows that they are able to donate all the interior doors, and the one rated garage door, so a huge relief and big thank you to Lee and his team.  There are still overhead doors, a garage exterior door, and two half-light exterior doors needed.

Brandon Huffman Construction along with his main man, Armondo Martinez Jr. donated their time building the forms and placing the front and back porch expanded footings. Nations Mini-Mix graciously donated the concrete thanks to Owner Rick Nation and his daughter Carley. Kevin Picknell of K & H Contracting had gone out and scarfed out the back porch footings as well as along the front porch to allow Brandon to get things set up and poured. A big thanks to all involved!

Trusses will be a few days late, but hopefully won’t set us back too far. I just heard that they should be delivered on the 29th. In the meantime, I’m hoping to get a contractor inside the existing house to provide some shoring of the faulty and failing vaulted ceiling. Robert Johnson has provided calculations for dead loads and provided a sketch for construction. He was very concerned with the fracture in the gable end window recently.

My son Jason E. Bush came out recently with a drone and we took advantage of a few overhead pictures of the Southmayd family in their roofless home. We also tried to take a few of the faulty portion of the roof from a unique perspective. Hopefully I’ll have pictures to follow next week.

Mitchell Cook, Regional Accounts Manager for James Hardie has been able to secure $2,500 in siding materials which equals about a 50% discount. Thanks to Mitchell and the James Hardie Building Products.

Melanie Leata of Lane Marble is looking the plans over to see what they can do to help with regards to the ADA roll in shower in the main bedroom….Nobody has figured this one out yet, but it certainly suspect that it won’t be long until you’ll receive some jail time for saying “Master Bedroom.”

Michele Linbarger, Residential Inspector & Plans Examiner for Northwest Code Professionals who is a member of Oregon Permit Technicians Association (OPTA), and is a Director-At-Large for Permit Technician Nation (PTN), which has designated all proceeds from their newly designed t-shirt sales to the Southmayd Home Build Project. They are nice looking shirts and will be selling on “BONFIRE.” Moreover, the wonderful folks at PTN are donating a 100% match of the t-shirt proceeds, so it will be exciting to see how much that could bring in. Thanks to Michele, NWCP, and Permit Tech Nation!

I just received a call from Courtney Flathers, Field Representative-Mid Valley to Coast; Office of Senator Jeff Merkley. She scheduled an appointment to meet the Southmayds, tour the site and get a full understanding of our situation. Hopefully she and Mr. Merkley’s office will be as inspired and eager to help as all of the other folks following our progress. Thanks to you all!

As always if someone has an idea, or would like to contact me, please do not hesitate to call or email me.

Jason Bush, CBO
Building Official

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