Weekly Update #17 Feb 12, 2021

Author: Jason Bush

This week’s update is really about working behind the scenes with Operation Second Chance as they fine tune the site and try to teach me new electronic tricks of Drop Boxes, URL’s, and Site Maps as they pertain to websites. I think their thinking of announcing it this Monday, on their site and I will keep everyone posted. Folks that follow this through the Cottage Grove website, I think what will happen is that I will provide the title as above, complete with the date, and then simply the link to the official site. It will have a photo gallery, weekly updates, including all the previous ones, original letters written, links to all our donors’ websites, and a place to donate; and again, this is a tax deductible, dollar for dollar savings on you tax bill at the end of the year! I like to think that at least I then know where some of my tax money goes to.

Again, anyone with a company logo please get that to me with the company’s website address so that we can get it on our sponsors page.

I contacted a couple of medium to large contractors to get a bid or idea of what it would cost to take the project from the foundation to the point of getting the roof on and drying it in with the assumption that most of the materials have been supplied. This would include the under-floor framing, the structural framing, shear walls, roof trusses and over-framing, and the plywood roofing. They indicated that they would like to meet at the site to get an idea of the foundation pad and project site. I would also like to review the plans with them and the foundation contractor, Shad Lowman of L&L Foundations, to go over things like the eventual final elevation(s) in conjunction with the plan of the TJI’s sitting on top of the wall, and any other logistics or concerns that may need to be coordinated or worked out ahead of time.

I have made notes of small changes and other clarifications on the three paper copies of our plans so that when we get going on the project, we will all be on the same page.

Yours in Building Safety, “and” Guarding Our Veterans!

Jason Bush, CBO
Building Official
541) 952-1456

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