Weekly Update #71, 18 Feb 2022

Author: Jason Bush

I happened to run into Andrew Way, and mentioned that I was in need of two loads of ¾- gravel from Marples Quarry if he had any time this week, and he indicated he thought he did. He had it delivered on Tuesday or Wednesday, and then Louie owner of Premier Concrete followed up and offered to move the two loads of gravel and two loads of soil, as well as form-up and prepare the back porch slabs today. The last I recollect from Louie was that he would probably not be in a position to help with them, but he has really been a big help thus far, and we greatly appreciate him. Louie also had me schedule concrete for the garage slabs. We are trying to get mud on Thursday the 24th, but need an AM delivery and the earliest is 1 PM. I set up a back-up pour for March 1st at 7:30-8:00. I haven’t received confirmation from Tank’s Concrete Pumping yet but he is on board, so hope to hear back soon.

I think we’re done with sand and gravel, but still need probably10 to 15 loads of soil, so if anyone is working on or knows of a job-site needing to get rid of soil, please let me know. David Daugherty, of Daugherty Landscape Architects should be getting close to a rendition of a relaxing healing garden just off the back porch areas which will be exciting for Jayson & Misty. I continue to learn more and more about what our Veterans have to go through on a daily basis. It can really start a person to thinking about the little things in life and what is truly important. So, having a place where he can sit somewhat worry free, relax, be one with nature, and knowing his family are safe, will do amazing things for Jayson.

I’m going to need to get a small well-head shed built. Probably a simple 6’x8’, 2×4 walled structure, with a shed roof and constructed on a 6”x6” P.T. foundation anchored to an existing slab. We have all the materials on the job-site except the 6×6 P.T which I have at home, so if anyone knows of a contractor who could help frame it up please give them my contact information.

Trying to find a finish carpenter(s) to install the trim, baseboards, molding and interior doors has been challenging as everyone is extremely busy. Mike Blankenship, owner of the Blankenship Corporation got back with me and said he could meet me at the SHB early next week to evaluate the job, give me some pointers, and possibly help out.

Lastly, as we approach the finishing touches in a few months, it will be time to start thinking about tearing down the old house and getting them moved over into the new home. Elite Relocation Services had contacted me many months ago and are going to help with moving them. More on this later….

Jason Bush, CBO

Building Official

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